Low Temperature Vacuum Drying Machine for Pharma API Dehydration

Low Temperature Vacuum Drying Machine for Pharma API Dehydration

Application:It's suitable for drying heat sensitive material, it's widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food and electronic industries.


1.Under the condition of vacuum,the boiling point of raw material will decrease and make the evaporation efficiency increase. Therefore for a certain amount of heat transfer, the conducting area of dryer can be saved.
2. The heat source for evaporation may be low pressure steam or surplus heat steam.
3. The heat loss is less.
4.Before drying,the treatment of disinfection may be carried out during the period of drying,there is no impurity material mixed. It is in conformity.
5. It belongs to static dryer. So the shape of raw material to be dried should not be destroyed.
Questions before quotation:
1.       Material name
2.       Material initial moisture and final moisture
3.       How many kg per batch or per day
4.       Heating source is steam or hot water?


Techinical specification:

Model NameYZG-600YZG-800YZG-1000YZG-1400AFZG-10FZG-15FZG-20
Inter size of drying chamber(mm)Φ600×976Φ800×1247Φ1000×1527Φ1400×20541500×1060 ×12201500×1400 ×12201500×1800 ×1220
Outer size of drying chamber(mm)1135×810 ×10241700×1045 ×13351693×1190 ×1502386×1675 ×19201513×1924 ×17201513×1924 ×20601513×1924 ×2500
Layers of baking support44685812
Interval of baking(mm)8282102102122122122
Size of baking tray(mm)310×600 ×45520×410 ×45520×410 ×45460×640 ×45460×640 ×45460×640 ×45460×640 ×45
Quantity of baking tray481232203248
working pressure inside the pipe of baking support(Mpa)≤0.784≤0.784≤0.784≤0.784≤0.784≤0.784≤0.784
Operation temperature of baking support, oC35-15035-15035-15035-15035-15035-15035-150
Degree of vacuum inside the chamber when operation (Mpa)-0.09~0.096
Under the condition of -0.1Mpa and 110oC,evaporation rate of water(kg/m2.hr )
When condenser is used,Model,and power of vacuum pump(kw)2X-15A 2KW2X-30A 3KW2X-30A 3KW2X-70A 5.5KW2X-70A 5.5KW2X-70A 5.5KW2X-90A 2KW
When condenser is not used,Model,and power of vacuum pump(kw)SK-0.8 2.2KWSK-2.7 4KWSK-3 5.5KWSK-6 11KWSK-3 5.5KWSK-6 11KWSK-6 11KW
Weight of drying chamber(kg )2506008001400140021003200


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