Lwx-550 Series Pulley Type Wire Drawing Machine

Wheel Type Wire Drawing Machine 

Mechanical description

1.Product  Introduction
Wheel Type Wire Drawing Machine are suitable for the high & low carbon steel wire below size of 8mm, with inverter control system to assure high speed & stable operation.

Low Carbon steel wire product used in mesh net, steel fiber, nail & staple making, construction, agriculture & furniture field, etc. And other steel wire product used in prestressing wire, PC wire, spring, steel rope wire, steel cord & Bead wire for tyre, etc.

2.Working flows and automation
Wire pay off →Descaling→Wheel Type Wire Drawing Machine→Automatic take-up

Main Features

1) Easy in installation and maintation. 
2) Adopting advanced world famous brand components in pneumatic parts ,electric parts and operation parts. 
3) Running in a high automatization and intellectualization,no pollution 
4)As the use of the frequency technology, changes in the larger context of parts of the compression ratio to meet the wide range of technology and high speed drawing. 
5)Good cooling system, final wire quality is very good.


Main Technical Parameter 
Material Intensityδb≥110kg/mm2120kg/mm2128kg/mm2δb≤140kg/mm2
Max. Dia. Of Inlet Wire6.5mm-4.4mm6.5mm4mm2.6-1.5mm
Min. Dia. Of Outlet Wire2.6mm-1.8mm2.2mm1.6mm1.2-0.8mm
Max. average condensation0.320%20%21%
Total Condensation78-88.5%78%77.90%78%
Max. Speed of Block245m/min260m/min280m/min200m/min
Total Power22/30kw18.5/22kw11/15kw5.5/7.5kw


Accessory Equipment 

NameModelRange of Dia.
Discharging Machine  
Pointing MachineF-966.5-1.5mm
Pointing MachineF-803.5-1.0mm
Butt-Welding MachineUN-108--2mm
Butt-Welding MachineUN-36.5-1.5mm
Butt-Welding MachineUN-13.5-1.0mm
Automatic Discharging MachineXB-600capacity 800kg
Automatic Discharging MachineXB-360capacity 400kg
I Type Spool Reeling Machine SG-800 capacity 800kg
I Type Reeling Machine SG-630capacity 500kg
Descaling MachineSW650 
Motorless Descaling Machinewith steel brush 
Well Type FurnaceRJ-90-9 

Guarantee and after-service:
1. Guarantee time:one year since machine was at buyer' factory within 12 months against B/L date
2. Within guarantee time, if any components are broken under normal condition, we can change for free.
3. We can send our best technician to buyer's factory for installation, debugging and training.
4. Complete installation instructions, circuit diagram, manual operations and machine layout.
5. Technical support by e-mail.

Lwx-550 Series Pulley Type Wire Drawing MachineLwx-550 Series Pulley Type Wire Drawing MachineLwx-550 Series Pulley Type Wire Drawing MachineLwx-550 Series Pulley Type Wire Drawing MachineLwx-550 Series Pulley Type Wire Drawing MachineLwx-550 Series Pulley Type Wire Drawing Machine

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