Lynnuo FM013 Fiber Laser Marking Logo Printing Machine

Lynnuo FM013 Fiber Laser Marking Logo Printing Machine
About Lynnuo Laser

Lynnuo FM013 Fiber Laser Marking Logo Printing Machine
Lynnuo was founded in 2002 and has been one of the best manufacturers of laser machines in China.

During the last 19 years of growth, our laser machine range has been extended to various applications including metal cutting, metal engraving, non-metal cutting, and engraving of non-metals.

We have passed all relevant certifications for laser machines and we can be your reliable partner in China and support your business 100%.

For laser machines, engraving machines, and cutting machines, we all meet or exceed industry standards.

If your project requires more stringent certification, we will be happy to support you.

Laser Machine Models for Your Optional

Lynnuo FM013 Fiber Laser Marking Logo Printing Machine

Model No.Working AreaPowerLaser SourceTotal WeightPacking Size 
PA02110*110/175*17520W/30WRaycus20kg50X40X20 cm 
PA03110*110/175*17520W/30WRaycus28KG75X58X35 cm 
20W/30W/50WRaycus85KG56*55*70 cm 
20W/30W/50W/100WRaycus/Max/JPT180KG102X72X113 cm 
20W/30W/50W/100WRaycus/Max/JPT180KG102X72X113 cm 
20W/30W/50W/100WRaycus/Max/JPT180KG102X72X113 cm 
20W/30W/50WRaycus/Max/JPT165KG76X67X135 cm 
20W/30W/50WRaycus/Max/JPT165KG102*728113 cm 
20W/30W/50W/100WRaycus230KG85X63X105 cm 
20W/30W/50WRaycus/Max/JPT60KG60X80X135 cm 
20W/30W/50WRaycus/Max/JPT55KG67X43X67 cm 
Laser Wavelength1064nm 
Marking Line Speed ≤7000mm/s 
Minimum Line Width0.03mm 
Minimum character0.3mm/Depends on the material 
Marking depth≤0.5mm/Adjustable depending on the material 
Repeating precision±0.002 
Power RequirementAC220V/50Hz or AC110V/60Hz 
Power consumption≤800W 
Operating systemWin7/Win8/Win10 
CommunicationStandard USB2.0 
Marking formatGraphics,Text,AI,DXF,PLT,Bar code,QR code,etc. 
RotaryOptional: D50/D80/D100 

-  The above parameters are laboratory test results, subject to actual operating conditions.
-  Rotary connector is installed when the rotary set is purchased, not standard.

If other models you want, please send us the picture, we will do our best for you. 
- All laser machines can be customized, please send us your requirements or provide us the sample you want to mark, we will try for you
- All accessories will be tested by our lab after that will be sent to the assembly department for assembly only after passing the test. You can be 100% assured
                                Your Best Laser Solutions Provider In China
                                                                                         - Lynnuo Laser

Fiber Marking Machine Consumables

Lynnuo FM013 Fiber Laser Marking Logo Printing Machine
Our Services

- Over 18 years of laser machine manufacturing experience
- All Lynnuo Laser Machines meet and exceed industry standards
- Fully support your cutting or engraving requirements
- Professional R&D team, 7*24 Hours online, provide you the free technology support
- All Laser Machines test before ship, guarantee two or more test materials or processes

Packing & Shipping

♦ Packing: Standard export packing, or customized packing as your request.

♦ Shipping: All products must be 100% tested to ensure their functionality, reliability, security, and durability before shipment.

♦ Professional transport company /shipping forwarder or your forwarders.

Lynnuo FM013 Fiber Laser Marking Logo Printing Machine
Laser Marking Machine Applications

Lynnuo FM013 Fiber Laser Marking Logo Printing Machine
Why Choose Lynnuo Laser?

Professional R&D Team
Our technical team has more than 10 years of experience, provides you all technical support. And more than 30 after-sales engineers, who can provide you with after-sales service at any time.

Strict Quality Inspection
All products are fully inspected, and multiple tests are carried out, whether it is engraving or cutting, at least testing different materials and different processes, more than three times.

Variety of Customized Services
We can customize the appearance, color, logo, working power, and working size, we can meet all your needs.

Powerful After-Sales Guarantee
Always solve your demands in the first time, sold in more than 100 countries, and the products produced so far have no quality problems.

On-stop Laser Solutions
We are not only manufacturing laser machines, but we also provide you all kinds of laser solutions. We can help you handle all your problems in the laser field.

Over 20 Years Industry Machine Manufacturing Experience
Lynnuo has over 20 years of experience in industrial laser machine manufacturing, we can supply you with any type of laser machine for your requirements.

All Types of Laser Machines to Bomb Your Business

Lynnuo FM013 Fiber Laser Marking Logo Printing Machine
Lynnuo FM013 Fiber Laser Marking Logo Printing Machine
Lynnuo FM013 Fiber Laser Marking Logo Printing Machine

As a professional laser machine manufacturer in China, Lynnuo has been in the CNC industry for over 30 years.

Since 2000, Lynn has mainly produced CNC machines. With the development of technology and the upgrading of technology, we have begun to produce laser machines.

Now Lynnuo mainly manufactures and supplies all types of laser machines, used in metal cutting, wood cutting, fabric cutting, pipe cutting, tube cutting, foam cutting, and more.

You can request our laser machine testing report, we will give you the best laser solutions based on your equipment.

Send an inquiry to Lynnuo Now.

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Lynnuo FM013 Fiber Laser Marking Logo Printing Machine
Lynnuo FM013 Fiber Laser Marking Logo Printing Machine
Lynnuo FM013 Fiber Laser Marking Logo Printing Machine



Do you have any MOQ for your Laser Machine Order?
We do not have MOQ for every order, we can manufacture your laser machine from 1 pc.

Can I visit your laser machine manufacturing factory in China?
Welcome to visit our factory in Guangzhou China. Fly to Guangzhou Airport directly and we will pick you up at Baiyun Airport.

Can you export to America?
Yes, all of our laser machines or our laser consumables have passed the certifications for America and Canada.

Can you send us your FDA certification?
Of course, please tell us which other certification you want to check, we will give you together.

What are the payment methods?
We only accept T/T 100% in advance. If big orders, we can talk about the payment terms. You will get images and videos for your laser machine manufacturing and packaging.

Does Lynuo only manufacture laser machines?
Yes, Lynnuo is a professional laser machine manufacturer here. We mainly manufacture all related laser machines. But we also provide all kinds of laser machine parts. We can provide free technical support. When your machine needs to update laser spare parts, you can purchase from us or your local market.

Lynnuo FM013 Fiber Laser Marking Logo Printing Machine

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