Manual Spot Welding Machine for Charging Pile Box

Main Application Characteristic
1. The device belongs to one kind of resistance spot projection welding machine, it is composed of the machinery frame structure, welding transformer, control system, water-cooling welding cable and welding torch, etc. The main electrical circuit adopts the diode thyristor(SCR) contactless switch, to make sure the circuit switch time rapidly, accurately. The control system can adjust the welding time precisely, welding repeatability and welding consistency are both very good, also easy maintenance.
2. Compare to the DN Series Resistance Spot Welding Machine, DN3 Series Portable Spot Welder has the advantages of small volume, light weight and other characteristics, install four rollers to the machine to make sure it can move conveniently, furthermore no need air pressure to operate it.
By the 2meters length water-cooling welding cable and hand-held spot welding gun, the operation is quite flexible, convenient. Using different welding guns, it can realize portable clamp type spot welding, single spot welding etc.
3. Generally for low carbon steel, steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel and other metal, Its welding range is 0.1mm---4.0mm.
It is widely used in all kinds of sheet metal, steel box and cabinet, iron furniture, stainless steel kitchen products, stainless steel door manufacturing and steel wire mesh reweld for leakage welding etc.

Rated Power16KVA25KVA35KVA45KVA50KVA
Rated Input Voltage380V-420V,50/60HZ
Rated Primary Current45A70A85A
Welding Cable Length2meter or any other special length
Max Welding Thickness1.2mm+1.2mm1.8mm+1.8mm2.3mm+2.3mm3.2mm+3.2mm3.8mm+3.8mm
Cooling WayTransformer---Air Cooling, Welding Electric Cable---Water CoolingWater Cooling

Manual Spot Welding Machine for Charging Pile BoxManual Spot Welding Machine for Charging Pile Box

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