Marine Cable Expert— Wire Cable Puller

High Quality Wire Cable Puller
Marine Cable Expert— Wire Cable Puller
I.Equipment Application:
Mainly used for various cable production lines for single machine or front and rear double traction.

1. The whole frame is made of high-quality steel plate after bending and splicing, and the appearance is novel.
2. The equipment adopts the motor-transmission gearbox, a reduction gearbox, and a hard drive structure of the upper and lower helical gears, a crawler wheel, stable transmission, large carrying capacity and convenient maintenance.
3. The whole series has more than ten specifications of 200kg-15000kg, and there are two kinds of speed regulation structures of Z4 DC motor or variable-frequency motor for users to choose.
4. With electronic meter, it can display the line speed and meter length in time.
5. It is equipped with a ground shaft transmission structure for users to use in cable, armor, copper tape shielding and winding production lines.
6. The tension tractor adopts magnetic powder tension control, which is used for the traction of the insulation and sheath extrusion production line. The tension is instantaneously adjustable, preventing the abrasion of the cable in the sink after the extrusion, and effectively solving the synchronization problem. And the effect of uneven tension on the wire diameter.
7. The small tractor has an overall moving or upper frame moving structure, which is convenient for users to use in special processes and effectively improve the repeated service life of the track

Machine details
Marine Cable Expert— Wire Cable Puller

Marine Cable Expert— Wire Cable Puller

III.Technical Parameter
ModelType 200Type 300Type 500Type 800Type 1250Type 1600Type 2000
Cable through the outer diameter(mm)2~205~255~408~6010~8015~10020~120
Max. traction force(kg)200300500800125016002000
Track contact length(mm)5206207501200150019002100
Track width(mm)707080100120120135
Number of cylinder(pair)3335567
Motor power(kw)345.57.57.51111
Motor speed(rpm)1500150015001500150015001500
Center height(mm)1000100010001000100010001000
Overall dimension (LxWxH)1450x720x15001500x720x15001800x1000x16002500x1150x16502750x1150x17003100x1150x17003450x1200x1750
ModelType 2500Type 3200Type 4000Type 5000Type 6000Type 10000Type 15000
Cable through the outer diameter(mm)20~13025~15030~18050~20060~20080~30080~300
Max. traction force(kg)250032004000500060001000015000
Track contact length(mm)2400270029003250360048005000
Track width(mm)140145165165170240180x2articale/90x2articale
Number of cylinder(pair)89910111414+14
Motor power(kw)151518.522303755
Motor speed(rpm)1500150015001500150015001500
Center height(mm)1000100010001000100010001000
Overall dimension (LxWxH)3800x1200x17504500x1280x18204600x1300x19005000x1350x19505350x1400x19507400x1630x21007500x2800x2200

IV. Related Equipment
Cable extrusion machine
The unit comfortable soft PVC, such as poly(PVC by hot press method to be extruded insulation wire core)
B.Technical parameter


Type & SizeScrew Dia. (mm)L/D ratioScrew speed (rpm)Main motor (kw)Barrel heating power (kw)Temp. contr. zones (body/cross head)Max. output capacity (PVC) (kg/h)
Marine Cable Expert— Wire Cable Puller

Cable take-up and pay-off machine
Mainly used for winding various signal cables and optical cables.
Marine Cable Expert— Wire Cable Puller

Cable strander
Marine Cable Expert— Wire Cable Puller

V. Package
Marine Cable Expert— Wire Cable Puller

VI. Company profile
Wuxi Longterm Cable Machinery Co., Ltd is a collection of scientific research and development and production of wire and cable equipment and a variety of efficient energy-saving extrusion production line of key enterprises, so far, the main product including wire and cable Insulation and Sheathing production Line, TQD series Pneumatic Type belt Caterpillar, LF series Portal Type Pay-off, LSP series Portal Type Take-up, Various Wire Accumulator, Capstan Haul-off, Pay-off & Take-up, Cooling Water Trough, and Optical Fiber Equipment, Communication Cable Equipment, Signal Cable Equipment.
Our company has a technical administration team who engages wire and cable equipment industrial more than twenty years, as well as experienced engineer and skilled workers, our honest business reputation and good sales achievement, win the trust from our domestic and overseas customers, the products are exported to United States, France, Spain, Portugal, New Zealand, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, South Africa, Zambia, Egypt, South Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Iran, etc.
Factory show
Marine Cable Expert— Wire Cable Puller

Marine Cable Expert— Wire Cable Puller
Our Team
Marine Cable Expert— Wire Cable Puller

Customer visiting
Marine Cable Expert— Wire Cable Puller

Cable extrusion production line in the USA
Marine Cable Expert— Wire Cable Puller


− Q: Are you the manufacturer or trading company?

     A: We are the manufacturer. We have a group of highly qualified engineers and experts, who have been working in the field of OFC equipment for more than ten years.

− Q: What is your company's main production?

     A: We specialized in optical fiber and optical cable machine researching and manufacturing. Our products include Optical fiber coloring and rewinding machine series, Optical fiber secondary coating line series, Optical cable stranding line, Optical fiber cable sheathing line series and other optical cable equipment.

− Q: What can we offer our customers?

     A: Our professional production and technical personnel can train our customers' employees and ensure the smooth production of customers. And will provide our customers with after-sales service.

− Q: How long is the machine warranty?

     A: Warranty period of one year (since the completion of mechanical debugging at the buyer's factory)

− Q: Why do I choose your company?
     A: We have more than 10 years of professional experience in the production of cable machinery, providing high-quality, high-security products.

         We have an experienced team of skilled workers and engineers.

         We can support overseas training engineers.

         We can customize the design, to accept the customer's sample design.

         We can provide customers with after-sales service.

Some questions about the TQD-2500KG Crawler-type Pneumatic Puller from our customer
-Q:How is the belt tension adjusted? Can this be done during production?
A:The two belts of the puller are controlled by two sets of upper and lower cylinders respectively. The upper and lower sets of cylinders are controlled by pressure gauge and pressure regulator on the panel to control the pressure.
The lateral tension of the belt is tensioned by a large cylinder via rocker arm.
Air pressure can be adjusted online with an air storage bag

-Q: Are the belts driven at both ends or with only (one pulley drive the top and one pulley drives the bottom)?
There are four traction wheels, two on the left are active traction wheels, and two on the right are passive traction wheels.
Two active traction wheels are driven by a set of helical gears

Enable us to make a quotation for you. pls kindly revert to us for the below information:
 1. How many kgs/meters to extrusion per hour?
 2. Reel/Flange Diameter, we need to quote correct take-up and pay off machine
 3. Could you please send us a picture of your cable structure?
 4. Extrusion material, I mean cable sheath material? Cable sheath thickness?
 5.Cable size?
 6.Cable pulling speed?