Medium Frequency Induction Electric Melting Furnace

Energy Saving Tilting Type Portable Gold Induction Melting Furnace 
Schematic diagram of the small metal melting furnace:
Medium Frequency Induction Electric Melting Furnace

The backside of induction melting furnace:
Medium Frequency Induction Electric Melting Furnace

Features of induction melting furnace:
1. Adopt Simens IGBT power device.
2.Environmental friendly:Changing the traditional gas/oil-fired melting furnace, releasing much less waste gas and dusts. 
3. High efficiency: using induction power, which releases the induction power and heats the metal to its melting point quickly. 
4. Convenient in use: this is a tilting type induction melting furnace. Melted metal can be poured out to the module automatically, saving labor and power.
5. Generally our engineer will recommend a type of our melting furnace to you based on the job you do. Melting time is about 20-30 minutes.

Technical parameters of induction melting furnace:

Model Technical Parameters
LSZ-35Power input35kw
Current output57A
Voltage output70-550V
Voltage input3 phase 380v±20% 50~60Hz
Melting time20-30 minutes
Cooling water pressure≥0.2MPa
Cooling water flow≥10L/Min
Dimension(control cabinet)650×350×550mm
Dimension(capacitor cabinet)550×300×500mm

Machine models and maximum melting ability:

ModelMelting Ability(kg)
Steel /ironCopper /gold /silverAluminum

Installation Drawing:
Medium Frequency Induction Electric Melting Furnace

Medium Frequency Induction Electric Melting Furnace

Medium Frequency Induction Electric Melting Furnace

As for packing:
1. Machine is always wrapped with a film layer, and then packed with a paper box.
2. Then put the wrapped machine into a wooden case( Standard exporting ctn), and wrap the machine with foam around.
As for shipping:
1. If you have shipper in China around, we can send the machine directly to them freely
2. If you want us sending the machine to you directly, we can send the machine to China any main ports promptly.

Medium Frequency Induction Electric Melting Furnace

Our Company
(1). Zhengzhou Lanshuo Electronics CO.,LTD,China. We are metal induction heating machine manufacturer with 12-year experience.
(2). We are mainly specialized in induction heating, forging, melting, hardening/quenching, annealing, normalizing, tempering, brazing/welding/soldering, ect.
(3). CE certificate.
(4). OEM& ODM available.
(5). Products have been exported to UK, Australia, Pakistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Russia, Turkey, South Korea, Malaysia and other countries.
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Our Service
1) Reply your inquiry within 24 working hours.
2) According to work pieces specifications, heating requirements.
3) Propose best solutions, also reference your ideas.
4) Long-term technical service.
5) Overseas on-site technicians service if required.
6) Competitive price, comparing with the same industry.
7) We believe "first quality,first customers,first service".

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