Melting Furnace for Copper Rod Upward Continuous Casting Line

Product Description

Copper rod upcasting machine use cathode copper or scrap copper as raw material, to produce oxygen-free copper rod/ strip(foil billet)/tube. Besides, customization is provided.

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Melting Furnace for Copper Rod Upward Continuous Casting LineMelting Furnace for Copper Rod Upward Continuous Casting Line

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Melting Furnace for Copper Rod Upward Continuous Casting Line

Product Parameters

ModelStrandDia.(mm)SpeedAnnual CapabilityDriverPower consumptionInstallation capacity
DT-1000T28-20max3.2m/min1000 tonsdouble servo100kw160KVA
DT-2000T48-20max3.2m/min2000 tonsdouble servo160kw220KVA
DT-3000T68-20max3.2m/min3000 tonsdouble servo220kw300KVA
DT-5000T108-20max3.2m/min5000 tonsdouble servo290kw330KVA
DT-6000T128-20max3.2m/min6000 tonsdouble servo300kw350KVA
DT-8000T148-20max3.2m/min8000 tonsdouble servo400kw500KVA
DT-1000T168-20max3.2m/min10000 tonsdouble servo450kw60KVA
DT-10000T208-20max3.2m/min12000 tonsdouble servo480kw600KVA
DT-15000T248-20max3.2m/min15000 tonsdouble servo700kw900KVA

Working process

  • Prepare the raw material - cathode copper or copper alloy.
  • Melting the copper cathode to liquid through the melting furnace, separate it from the air by a layer of charcoal or graphite flakes at the same time.
  • Keeping the copper in liquid situation at the holding furnace with the temperature of 1150ºC±10ºC.
  • Copper liquid is rapidly crystalized by in the graphite mold, continuously casting copper rods.
  • The final step will be completed by double-strand take-up machine and other auxiliary equipment.
  • Annual capacity of a single machine line is from 1000 tons to 15000 tons
  • Melting Furnace for Copper Rod Upward Continuous Casting Line

Our Advantages

Making a perfect proposal for your production line;
Designing the suitable machines based on your requirements;
Manufacture machines you need;
Inspecting, packing, uploading and shipping service;
Offering all related auxiliary machines, spare parts and consumable tools;
Installing and adjusting machines on site and technology training your labors for operation;
Trial production on site till everything is going well;
On-site technology support if customer needs.
24 hours service online before sales and after sales.

Company Profile

Melting Furnace for Copper Rod Upward Continuous Casting Line
Guangzhou DT Exp. & Imp. Co. Ltd is established in 2012. We are mainly manufacturing machines for non-ferrous metal production.
The main machines are electric melting furnace, holding furnace, continuous casting machine, cutting machine, peeling machine, chamfering machine, drawing machine and, straightening machine. And rolling equipment for steel and brass and copper strip.
Also we are supplying Graphite products for non-ferrous continuous casting production line and tungsten steel mold for extrusion and drawing and peeling production line.
We have a professional and passionate service team, including research and development department, technology support department and international after sales service department.
Our advantages: Qualified Machines; Professional technology, Efficient Service, Worry-free Guarantee.
Our Values: Products as the fundamental, Customers as the center, Create a win-win situation.



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