Mineral Ore Processing Line / Gold Ore Dressing Leaching Equipment

Gold Ore Processing Plant Production Line

Non-polluting gold selection process

At present, gold selection processes generally used in gold selection fields are mercury mixing, flotation, and cyanidation. However, there is widespread environmental pollution that is difficult to meet discharge standards, polluting the environment and harming future generations. Moreover, the chemical agents used in the gold production process are more toxic and cause serious damage to the bodies of gold employees. Among them, the mercury used in the amalgamation method is the famous "liver killer". In the cyanide field, only a small amount of sodium cyanide and potassium cyanide is enough to be absorbed by the human body. In traditional gold dressing fields, occupational diseases caused by chemical agents are not uncommon. The process of using this kind of gold dressing equipment is not recommended by us.

Our company has developed a new physical gold selection process using the latest foreign technology in conjunction with gold experts. There is no need to add chemicals during the production process, and pollution-free gold production has been realized for the first time. The application of this new process has not only liberated gold production workers from the pain of medicaments, but also greatly improved the production and living environment. At the same time, since the use of medicaments is eliminated, the production cost is also greatly reduced.

High-efficiency and energy-saving gold selection process

In the grinding process, our company's high-efficiency and energy-saving ball mill is used. This machine adopts bearing transmission, stable operation and uniform discharge size, which saves more than 30% of energy compared with the old-fashioned bearing drive ball mill. Only the energy saving item can recover the investment of the ball mill in two years.

In the new gold beneficiation process, celine physical gold beneficiation equipment is used in the beneficiation. This equipment is the best combination of the latest foreign gold beneficiation technology and domestic production practice. It digests and absorbs the advantages of advanced gold ore beneficiation equipment in South Africa, Canada, Russia and other countries, optimizes the gold beneficiation process, and greatly reduces power consumption and equipment loss. In the new process, the final concentrate and tailings can be produced at one time. Compared with the old technology, it saves more than 50% of electricity and 30% of labor, so that the gold production process is truly pollution-free and high-efficiency energy-saving.

Mineral Ore Processing Line / Gold Ore Dressing Leaching Equipment
Technical Information

Gold is crystal at room temperature, equiaxed crystal system, vertical center crystal lattice, natural good crystal form is extremely rare, often irregular granular, clumpy, flake, network, dendritic, fibrous and sponge-like aggregates . Pure gold is golden yellow, and its color can change accordingly when it contains impurities.

Gold has a dazzling luster, with an average reflectivity of 74% under white light. As the silver content increases, the reflectivity increases, the hardness of the gold increases, and the density decreases. The volatility of gold is extremely poor, almost no volatility above the melting point temperature to 1300 ºC, but the volatility greatly increases in the gas and CO atmosphere.

The current mainstream gold selection process: generally crushed by a crusher, then crushed by a ball mill, re-selection, flotation, extract the concentrate and tailings, and then chemical methods, and finally smelting, the product will eventually become finished gold.

The jaw crusher is mostly used for coarse crushing, and the PEX crusher is used for medium crushing. Most of the small and medium-sized gold concentrators use two-stage one closed-circuit crushing, and large-scale gold concentrators use three-stage one closed-circuit crushing process. In order to increase the output and equipment utilization factor, the concentrator generally follows the principle of more crushing and less grinding to reduce the particle size of the ore into grinding.

Mineral Ore Processing Line / Gold Ore Dressing Leaching EquipmentMineral Ore Processing Line / Gold Ore Dressing Leaching EquipmentMineral Ore Processing Line / Gold Ore Dressing Leaching EquipmentMineral Ore Processing Line / Gold Ore Dressing Leaching Equipment