Mineral Water Filling Packing Machine Newamstar

Mineral Water Production Line
1. Applied in: Water Filling
2. Capacity: 5000-80000BPH
3. Rinsing - Filling - Capping

Mineral water production line

1. Rinsing tube is made of stainless steel, rather than rubber, which has the aging risk.
2. High effective and accurate spraying nozzle can rinse the inner bottle completely and save water.

1. Bottling volume's difference is within ± 2mm.
2. High speed and highly accurate bottling valves ensure no loss of liquid.
3. The arrangement of steel gear and nylon gear is chiastic to reduce noise.

1. Cap broken ratio is within 0.2%.
2. Capping head is of quality Zinc and Bronze, for lasting using.

Our Customer:
Nestle, Nanone(Yili), Wahaha, Ganten, C'estbon.

Mineral Water Filling Packing Machine Newamstar
Mineral Water Filling Packing Machine Newamstar
Mineral Water Filling Packing Machine Newamstar

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