Model Lb500 Asphalt Batch Mix Plant

Model LB500 Asphalt Batch Mix Plant

Product Description

LB500 is a new generation of batch asphalt mixing plant developed by introducing foreign technology. It has the advantages of stable performance, environmental protection and energy-saving, and convenient transportation and transfer. It is ideal for highway, airport, port, water conservancy, and other road construction equipment.

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Model Lb500 Asphalt Batch Mix Plant
Model Lb500 Asphalt Batch Mix Plant

Product Parameters


LB500 Asphalt Batch Mix Plant


40t/h (under standard working conditions)

Mixer Capacity


Environment Noise



Fully automatic/manual operation


220V/380V, 50Hz (adjustable)

Dimensions (L × W × H)

35 × 18 × 12m


Model Lb500 Asphalt Batch Mix Plant

Cold aggregate system

1. Based on frequency conversion speed regulation, the speed can be adjusted accurately according to the output setting and ratio requirements;

2. Automatic alarm device for lack of material detection; safety emergency switch;

3. Modular design makes installation and disassembly more convenient.

Drying Drum System : 

1. Brand new design, using a patented power drive structure, effectively reducing power consumption.

2. The blades inside the drying drum are specially arranged so that the material curtain formed by the material is uniform and the heat exchange efficiency is high.

3.The quality is guaranteed, meets customers' different construction needs to the greatest extent, and creates huge economic benefits for customers.

4.The combustion chamber is built-in, and the baffle plate is specially designed. The milled material does not directly touch the flame, which is safer.


Model Lb500 Asphalt Batch Mix Plant


Model Lb500 Asphalt Batch Mix Plant

Vibrating Screen system

1. The double-axis linear vibrating screen is efficient and practical, with an external vibrator, energy-saving, low noise, and simple maintenance;

2. Optimized design of vibration inclination and sufficient screening area to ensure strict gradation ratio and screening efficiency;

3. 24 hours Test before leaving the factory to ensure the stability of the screening system;

4. Vibrating screen bearings are selected from internationally renowned brands resistant to high temperature, vibration, and long life.

Metering system

1. Synchronous measurement technology of double bins for aggregate, increasing the measurement speed by 50%;

2. Adopt dynamic and precise control secondary measurement technology, high measurement accuracy;

3. Automatic drop compensation, overweight alarm, automatic lock, automation and effortlessness.

Model Lb500 Asphalt Batch Mix Plant


Model Lb500 Asphalt Batch Mix Plant

Mixing system

1. Designed and manufactured in accordance with European standards. The service life and overload capacity of asphalt concrete mixer exceed national standards;

2. Two shaft-mounted deceleration motors are independently driven, gears are synchronized, and the work is more stable;

3. The blade structure and layout have been carefully designed and repeatedly verified.

4. With international standard high-strength wear-resistant alloy materials, the working life of the mixing blades are more than 100,000 batches.

5. The high-pressure spraying asphalt pump and the grid-type powder feeding mechanism greatly shorten the mixing time and improve the mixing efficiency.

Control System

1. Using foreign advanced micro-control technology, and PLC, PC computer control equipment;

2. The control program with independent intellectual property rights and the dual-computer redundant design ensures the reliable operation of the system;

3. The control components adopt products from Siemens, Omron, Emerson, etc., which are trustworthy;

4. The man-machine interface is more humane, and the whole production process can be controlled and managed through the man-machine interface;

Model Lb500 Asphalt Batch Mix Plant



Model Lb500 Asphalt Batch Mix Plant

Packaging & Shipping

Model Lb500 Asphalt Batch Mix Plant

Company Profile

Henan Daynn Road Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Longsheng Industrial Park, Nanyang City, Henan Province. Covers an area of more than 160 acres and has a workshop of more than 30,000 square meters. It was put into use in 2003 and has become a base for foreign cooperation and product export.

Daynn has passed ISO9001 international quality system certification. It is a high-tech enterprise in Henan Province, an advanced enterprise in reemployment in Henan Province, and a key protected enterprise in Nanyang City.

With the rapid development of highway construction and the increasingly stringent requirements on the quality of high-grade highways, the role of large-scale complete construction equipment and complete maintenance equipment for high-grade highways is becoming increasingly important in highway construction. With its strong scientific research and development capabilities and a complete marketing and service network, Daynn Company is setting sail in the field of road construction machinery manufacturing, showing its glory and creating greater brilliance!

Factory Area
Model Lb500 Asphalt Batch Mix Plant
Model Lb500 Asphalt Batch Mix Plant

Our Advantages

Comparison item

Other Machinery

Daynn Machinery

Process flow

The manufacturing is rough and the quality is not guaranteed.

Fine workmanship, guaranteed quality, beautiful appearance and smart

Standard total power

The standard total power is high, the energy consumption is large, and the cost is high.

Large motors adopt reasonable step-down start, energy saving, consumption reduction, and environmental protection

Cold aggregate supply system

1. The cold storage bin has a small storage capacity and requires frequent loading by the loader.

2. The anti-arch and arch-breaking effect is poor, and the material is easy to block.

1. Modular, integrated grading system, frequency conversion speed regulation, smooth material distribution, no jams, stagnation, and obstruction.

2. There is a replaceable hoarding on the feeding bin, and the capacity can be expanded according to construction needs.

3. The middle filter screen adopts a self-vibrating forced screening type, which effectively removes super-large aggregates and debris

Drying drum system


The drying drum has no core technology, slow heating, large heat loss, and is easy to float and jump.

1. The patented technology of the heating zone of the drying drum, the complete set of lifting blades made of special wear-resistant materials, and the unique welding structure and layout make the heating of the mixture more uniform and rapid, and the utilization of thermal efficiency higher.

2. The internal board of the drying drum adopts a patented structure, which has high heat utilization

3. The drying drum has a precise transmission and is not easy to slip, which completely overcomes the drum vibration.

Burning system

Without core technology, purchasing other brands, the overall energy consumption under standard conditions is too large.

1. The internal spiral blades near the burner flame are installed in reverse, unique technology, reducing heat loss

2. The pulverized coal combustion device with independent intellectual property rights can save energy for you and is your first choice for reducing production costs.

Hot aggregate lifting system

Chain structure, easy to break, low lifting efficiency, easy to jam, short life cycle

1. The design lifting capacity of the aggregate hoist is higher than the standards of similar products of other manufacturers

2. Double-row plate chain structure, high strength, not easy to break

Vibrating screen system

The eccentric wheel vibrates, the noise is large, the mixing plant is easy to shake, and the screening efficiency is low

1. Upper vibration structure, dual-axis linear excitation source, compact structure, strong vibration force, good screening effect, low mixing rate, high efficiency, and low noise.

2. The inner bearing of the vibrating screen is used Japanese-made bearings, which are resistant to high temperature, anti-vibration, low noise, and long life.

Mixing tower system

Long mixing cycle, uneven mixing, easy to spatter, short life of wearing parts

1. Double-horizontal shafts synchronously drive the mixer to realize large-circulation and three-dimensional mixing, which is rapid, uniform, and efficient

2. The mixing liner, mixing arm, and mixing blade is made of high-strength anti-wear special alloy castings. The service life and performance exceed industry standards.

3. Large-open door unloading mechanism, short unloading time, no dead zone, and less heat loss

Control system

If a single business computer control system fails, it will cause major losses.

1. Advanced TCS control system, easy operation

2. Use Omron's latest powerful PLC programmable controller to make the control system run stably and reliably.

3. It can store 200 formulas and call, store, and print various data reports at any time.


- 1. Which countries have your equipment been exported to?

- Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, India, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Outer Mongolia, Iraq, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Russia, Lebanon, Albania, Nigeria, Chile, etc.


- 2. What is the fuel consumption for producing one ton of thermally mixed finished materials?

- Diesel ≤6.5 kg


- 3. How many workers are required to operate a set of asphalt mixing plants?

- 1 manager, 1-2 operators, 1-2 loader operators, 1 fitter, 1 electrician, 2-3 common workers.


- 4. How many days does it take to install a set of asphalt mixing plants?

- According to local conditions, normally about 15-30 days.


- 5. Do you provide overseas installation and training services?

- Yes, we can send experienced engineers to your country to guide the installation and commissioning, and train your workers on how to operate and maintain the plant, and we can also arrange for personnel to visit our factory on a regular basis.

- 6. How long is the delivery time?

- According to different configurations, we guarantee delivery on time 20-35 days after the deposit arrives.


- 7. Can you send me some parts for free?

- We will supply some common spare parts for free along with the equipment


- 8. How to get to your factory easily?

- Our city has an airport. If you take a plane, you can take off from Guangzhou/Beijing/Shanghai to Nanyang city within 2 hours. You can also fly to Zhengzhou to take the high-speed rail to our city or we will send a car to pick you up.


- 9. Can I visit your factory?

- Of course. We warmly welcome you to visit our factory. We will provide you with five-star quality service.


- 10. How long is the warranty period of your asphalt equipment?

- 12 months after shipment or 2000 working hours, whichever occurs first.


- 11. What payment terms do you accept?

- According to the actual situation, we accept multiple methods such as wire transfer, letter of credit, document against acceptance, document against payment, Western Union, MoneyGram, etc.

- 12. What certificates are available in Machinery?
- For the certificate, we have CE, ISO, Gost, EPA(USA)CCC.

- 13. What about the Minimum Order Quantity?
- The MOQ is 1 pcs.