Monthly Deals 1000W High Efficiency Metal Handheld Fiber Laser Welder

1000W High Efficiency Metal handheld Fiber Laser Welder Stainless Steel Laser Welding Machine

The product description

1.Continuous output: high electro-optical conversion efficiency, long laser life

2.Maintenance:Maintenance-free, regulation-free, low energy consumption, no consumables. Users can save a lot of processing costs after long-term use. Traditional solder, like argon arc welding and other ways, solder, iron wire, salt, acid etc, needs a lot of consumables energy consumption

3. Size: small size, compact structure, built-in water cooling, flexible and convenient hand-held welding. Outdoor welding can be realized.

4. Easy operation: The operation is simple and easy to learn, and novice can also operation well. Choosing the handheld optical fiber laser welding machine can be easily solved the proble under the current situation that it is difficult to recruit skilled workers and the wage cost is multiplied.

5. With high working efficiency: Traditional identification welding adopts soldering, argon arc welding and other methods, with low efficiency. The workers tend to fatigue when operating. The handheld optical fiber laser welding machine breaks through the traditional practice and its efficiency 10-15 times faster than the ordinary welding words.

6. Handheld Welding:Equipped with 10m imported optical fiber, the machine can realize welding at any angle for workpieces with various complex welds and large workpieces with irregular shapes
Technical Details

Namehandheld Fiber Laser WeldeModleHW-CW1000
Laser Power1000w(optional)Laser Wavelength1070NM
Length of Fiber10mWorking ModeContinuous/spot welding
Working Speed0~120mm/sWater CoolingIndustrial intelligent water chiller
Working Environment15~35 ºCWorking Environment<70% no condensation
Welding Depth0.5~5mmWidth of Weld seam<1.2mm
Power220v 50hzservice life of laser source100000 Hours

Monthly Deals 1000W High Efficiency Metal Handheld Fiber Laser Welder

Q: how do I install this machine?

A: the machine has been installed and debugged before leaving the factory, and can be used directly after receiving it.


Q: when is the warranty?
A: this machine is guaranteed for 1 years.


Q: how do I operate this machine?Is training necessary?

A:The machine is mainly controlled by software.Simple, not complicated.Before delivery, we will make a simple operation manual and pictures, and provide the software manual.Generally speaking, an operator who is not familiar with the fiber laser marking machine can still operate it well.According to customer requirements, we can send technicians to the customer's factory for machine training, or when the customer needs to come to our factory for machine training.


Q: if there is a problem with the machine, what about the after-sales service?

A: we offer a one-year warranty on the machines.Within the one-year warranty period, if there is any problem with the machine, we will deliver the required parts free of charge.But man-made damage is not covered by our warranty.After the warranty period, we still offer a lifetime service

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