Mud Fract Tank Trailer Storage Tank for Sale

The smooth lined inner walls of our frac tanks eliminate build up of material when compared to the conventional corrugated material used by other manufacturers. This key feature allows for much easier clean out.We can custom manufacture our frac tanks for valve placement to the customer's specifications. We has manufactured both internally and externally placed valves based upon the needs of our clients.

Mud Fract Tank Trailer Storage Tank for Sale



Typically used for fracing wells in the oil and gas industry, a frac tank may also be used to store any liquids like run-off water, diesel fuel, glycol, oils, waste products, or for use when mining mud or drilling mud.

 Frac tanks for coal seam gas fracking or fracking natural gas.

 Tanks for fracking oil.

 Tanks for fracking mud, mining or drilling mud.

 Frac water treatment tanks.


Other features include:

 Skid mounted with bumpers for easy movement on site. 

 Corner castings at the ISO position for easy handling. 

 Intermodal format allows cost effective mobilisation to any remote site. 

 V bottom internal format for easy drainage. 

 Manway access side access for easy access and cleaning. 

 Hatches in the roof. 

 Full blanked manifold on the rear to allow multiple units to be connected for larger projects. 

 Central valve on from and rear to allow operation from either end. 

 Unit designed for the static storage of liquids on site. 

 Optional Ground operated air relief valve. 

 Supplied with removable robust frame bolted on the rear end to protect manifolds and to minimise damage any transport damage.

Mud Fract Tank Trailer Storage Tank for Sale



500 Bbl. Frac Tank

Floor Support: 4" x 10" x 1/4" tubing outer with 2" x 6" stringers

Floor: V-Design for easy clean-out - 1/4" Plate with front sump

Walls: 1/4" Plate - Smooth inside with corrugated ribs outside

Roof: 3/16" Plate with stamped ribs

Drain: 4' valve at rear - 3" threaded vent-overflow

Manifold: Internal with (4) 4" valves, or 8" external

Manways: (2) 20" front & curbside

Hatches: (3) non-sealed on roof

Access: Front stairways with hand rail - rear swing-out ladder

Pickup: 3/8" Plate - standard 5th wheel king pin

Tires: 11R x 22.5

Axle: 25,000 lb with air brakes

Primer: Epoxy primer

Paint: Standard polyurethane


Mud Fract Tank Trailer Storage Tank for SaleMud Fract Tank Trailer Storage Tank for Sale


Uses of Frac Tanks

Most common for on-site storage of water and other liquids
Can be used in conjunction with pumps, filters, dewatering units and vacuum boxes as part of a large scale project
Benefits of Frac Tanks

Can hold up to 21,000 gallons
Multiple valves for easy access to various pumping operations
Can be used in large clean up operations, oil field operations or simply for temporary storage of water or other liquids

Mud Fract Tank Trailer Storage Tank for Sale


Transportation of Frac Tanks

DOT registered vehicle and easily transported by a tractor with a winch and fifth wheel attachment
Frac-N-Vac will move the Frac Tank to your location
What Industries are Using Frac-N-Vac Frac Tanks

Chemical plants
Refineries, oil fields
Paper mills
Wood products

Mud Fract Tank Trailer Storage Tank for Sale

Company Information


Luqiang Energy Equipment Co.,Ltd manufactures a complete range of Above ground 500 Bbl. mobile storage Frac Tank for storing a range of fluids including fuels and lubricants. Our Security portable petrol station diesel bunded fuel tank containers have been exported to many countries in Asia,Africa Australia,SouthAmerica.such as Japan,Japan,Mozambique,Argentina over twenty beyond countries all over the world. And we get good reputation from our customer owing to our innovative and quality products.



In order to make outstanding quality mobile fuel station and all kinds of storage tanks,we have passed many certifications to prove our quality. We have ISO UL CE CSC pressure vessel certifications for our double skinned bulk fuel tank Above ground 500 Bbl. mobile storage Frac Tank mobile petrol stations,underground fuel tanks and ISO tank container.We also can meet AS standard as we had exported many stations and tanks to Australia.Welcome to inquiry.

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