Multi-Functional 10HP Kama Diesel Power Tiller with CE Certificate

Brief Introduction:
SK1350D Series is now the biggest and heaviest model among all the power tillers. It is powered by 10hp diesel engine, and can give out very strong power to make your work with high efficiency. We always use high quality level diesel engines in order to meet the requirement of our customers. Among the brands, of diesel engines, KAIAO and KAMA are the most famous brands, and these two brands diesel engines can offer EURO-V certified diesel engines, which can meet the updated requirement of customers from the Europe. We can also use common brand with high performance but lower cost.

Assembly lines

We have 4 general assembly lines among which we have one of them for each of our product types. The assembly line could extensively help us to make high standard quality products, because assembling is a complicated production procedure, which requires very high level production precision and correction. With the full working stations on the assembly lines, our workers could finish each procedure very carefully and professionally.

Our company has an affiliated factory who produces gearbox and transmission for our power tillers. All our gearbox and transmission parts are made of high strength and density steel, which can bear more strength and power, and thus making the power tiller more durable and more competitive than our competitors.Gearbox and transmission

SK1100, HS1050, HS1350 series share the same gearbox and transmission, since they are big in size and will bear more powerful engines, their gearbox and transmission have to be strong enough in order not break down during high-strength working. Since we produce the gearbox and transmission by ourselves, and we could control the materials very well, making sure high-strength steel be used in our gearbox and transmission, and makes more durable and high quality products.

Diesel engines for our power tillers

We don't assemble diesel engines ourselves, we buy from diesel engine factories in Jiangsu province, most of which are big brands, and this ensures the quality standard of the power source too. The main brands cooperate with us are KAMA, KAIAO, KOOP, YARMAX etc. Our customers could specify the brands of diesel engines to be used on the orders. We will be always watching the quality no matter the brands our customers choose.


A full series of implements, small and big, are developed for coupling our power tillers for different purposes of customers. This could help farmers and cultivators to realize all kinds of purposes, such as ditching, potato digging, orchard management, weeding, agricultural tools or products transportation etc. 

Quality control

We are deeply aware quality is the only factor we could rely on. So we always focus on quality control for the whole procedure of production.

Before production

We produce the key parts so we could control the key parts quality when the spare parts are produced; for the spare parts we buy from our suppliers, we always set up a high quality standard, unqualified spare parts have no opportunity to come to our production lines, furthermore, we do spot inspections for all the purchased spare parts before they are allowed to put into use on our production lines. This could largely reduce the possibility of quality failures.

During production

We Have Technicians And Engineers To Carry Out Spot Inspections On The Production Lines. Once They Find An Unqualified Product, It Will Be Picked Out And Analyzed How The Quality Problems Occur And Work Out The Solutions And Avoid The Same Happen For The Future Production.

After Production

We Will Test Every Single Unit Of The Finished Product Before They Are Packed In The Cartons Or Plywood Boxes, This Is To Ensure All Products Are Qualified And With No Problem Before They Are Sent To Our Customers.

 Lead Time

Usually We Need About 30 Days For The Production After 30% Advance Payment Is Received. This Time Could Be Even Longer During Our Vacations Such As National Day Holiday, Spring Festival Holiday Or Busy Season Of Our Products. But Before Confirming The Order, We Will Inform Our Customers About The Delivery Time. All Confirmed Orders Will Be Based On Mutually Agreed Delivery Time And Other Articles.


We mainly have two patterns of packing, the one is carton + steel frame fixing, the other is plywood box packing. We would like to recommend our customers plywood box packing, because of the following advantages of plywood packing:

1.     Solid and reliable;

2.     Easy for unloading;

3.     Nicer looking outside;

4.     Won't transform and damage products inside.


Delivery & Transportation

There are mainly two ways of delivery, by sea and by train.

1.     By sea: its route is Chongqing-Shanghai-foreign ports of destination. It is the traditional way of shipping China's goods to other countries of the world. Chongqing has river ports, where the containers will be loaded onto river vessels and then going to Shanghai sea port. This way of delivery cost much less than delivery by train, but takes much longer time, normally double the time of sending by train.

2.     By train: Chongqing is connected by the railway of Chongqing-Xinjiang-Europe-called Yuxinou railway, it stretches out from southwest of China Chongqing to Duisburg via Xinjiang to Minsk, Hamburg, Moscow, Ukraine, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Tehran, Istanbul and etc. Sending by train, the goods can reach to our customers nearly half of the time sending by sea.


Pre-sale service

After understanding the customers' real need for the products, if necessary, we will recommend to our customers with the most suitable models, and give professional suggestions. This could help our customers understand which models and functions suit him most, and avoid to choose the wrong models.


On-purchase service

After our customers confirm order and make the advance payment, our factory will start production which usually last about 30 days, during which we will communicate with customers and our production department regarding the detailed requirements on the orders, and finally confirm them before they are put into production. At the same time, we will make booking service and arrange with the shipping agent the time of loading containers. And then, we will load the containers.


After-sale service

We are going to offer following after-sale service after the goods are delivered:

1.     Prepare required documents for our customers, including bill of lading, certificate of origin, commercial invoice, and packing list.

2.     Contact and communicate with shipping agents if modifications of bill of lading is required by our customers.

3.     Send the original documents to our customers by air express once we make all of them ready and balance payments are received.

4.     Give professional suggestions regarding using, maintaining of the products purchased by our customers, and sometimes we need to guide the users for the first time use.

5.     Solve the problems or make constructional suggestions for the problems encounter them by our customers during their use.

6.     Receive claims of quality failures from our customers, and communicate with our team of engineers and identify whether they are production defects or not.

7.     Send replacement products or spare parts to our customers for the production defects products claimed to us.


Quality certification

Different countries have different requirement for minimum quality standards. If an item meets the minimum quality standard, we say it is qualified, otherwise it is unqualified. How to make qualified products? We use ISO quality management, and quality standard we set up according to customers' need. We have received CE certificates since the very beginning of our export business. CE does not only act as the quality standard of customers from European countries, but also plays a key role when we carry out our production activities. If not specified, we will produce our products based on CE quality standards.



We offer 12-month guarantee for all the products and spare parts we sold to our distributors or business partners since the date of bill of lading, during which our distributors or business partners could submit a claim once any production defects are found during selling or using. Any production defects claimed beyond the 12-month period will be considered giving up the right of guarantee.

Technical Specifications:



Tilling width (mm)


Tilling depth (mm)


Gear shifts

-1, 0, 1, 2

Mode of driving


Power engine


Displacement (ml)


Max. power output hp/rpm


Fuel tank(L)


Oil (L)


Exterior size (mm)


20" (pcs)


40"HQ (pcs)



Multi-Functional 10HP Kama Diesel Power Tiller with CE Certificate
Multi-Functional 10HP Kama Diesel Power Tiller with CE Certificate
Multi-Functional 10HP Kama Diesel Power Tiller with CE Certificate
Multi-Functional 10HP Kama Diesel Power Tiller with CE Certificate

Multi-Functional 10HP Kama Diesel Power Tiller with CE Certificate
Multi-Functional 10HP Kama Diesel Power Tiller with CE Certificate
Multi-Functional 10HP Kama Diesel Power Tiller with CE Certificate
Multi-Functional 10HP Kama Diesel Power Tiller with CE Certificate
Multi-Functional 10HP Kama Diesel Power Tiller with CE Certificate
Multi-Functional 10HP Kama Diesel Power Tiller with CE Certificate
Multi-Functional 10HP Kama Diesel Power Tiller with CE Certificate
Multi-Functional 10HP Kama Diesel Power Tiller with CE Certificate

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