N95 Kn95 Dust Protective Face Mask Making Machine

Product Description

KN95 mask is composed of 6 layers of special filtering non-wowen, which meets the NIOSH standard filtration rate of 95%. It can effectively filter certain microbial particles (entering viruses, bacteria, etc.), avoid cross-infection of droplets and protect human health.
N95 Kn95 Dust Protective Face Mask Making Machine

The KN95 mask production line adheres to the corporate philosophy of "technology creates excellence", integrates the essence of decades of machine manufacturing experience, uses optimized design technology, and uses automatic control systems across the entire line, servo tracking welding, effectively reducing energy consumption to a minimum. Increased efficiency to a higher level. This production line has a leading position in China and is currently the most promising investment project.

N95 Kn95 Dust Protective Face Mask Making Machine
Product Specification

Model: OYD-N95-AFOM-10

Size:L8500*W1900*H1300 MM
rate:98-99% (except that the incoming materials do not meet the requirements, except for improper operation by employees) Equipment failure rate: 2% (refers to the failure caused by the equipment itself)

Equipment Composition

N95 Kn95 Dust Protective Face Mask Making Machine
The production line has 6 cloth trays and a nasal bridge unwinding tray, which can produce up to 6 layers of N95 masks. Each unwinding has a lack of material alarm and tension adjustment. The rolls are stacked in, and at the same time they are placed in the bridge of the nose. Weld multiple layers of fabric together by ultrasonic welding, and press out various patterns, and then punch out the valve hole of the cover. Carry out trademark printing and automatically weld the earrings, then fold, weld, cut, and finally put the finished product into the box, and fold it away.

The device requires air pressure and power to function properly.

Enviornment Requirement 

Color:Computer white paint or hard-plated inscription, oxidized color, stainless steel color, according to this standard without special instructions.
Machine Weight:≤500kg Ground load requirements ≥300kg /m2
Voltage:AC220V±5%,50HZ,Power 6.5-8.5kw
Enviornment requirement:Temperature:10ºC~35ºC, Humidity: 5-35%HR,no flammable, no corrosive gas, no dust. (cleanliness no less than 100000) Keep away from paint (gasoline), chemicals, acids, alkalis, and explosive or flammable materials. Avoid proximate to machines that generate vibration. Ambient lighting: above 300LUX.

Company introductionN95 Kn95 Dust Protective Face Mask Making Machine

We are Shandong Oyade Machinery, a responsible manufacturer of machines in China since 2008.
With 66000 sqm land and500workers in Jinan city,ShandongProvince.

For12 years'experience in the production of machines, we always put the quality and after-sales service at the top position. Otherwise, our customers will not trust us anymore.

Now we are producing the machine by ourselves exactly. So both for the price and delivery time, we can be ensured for you.
Now what's most important for customers: you can produce the mask with the machine you buy. As every country, the mask is urgent in demand and everyone needs it and it is related to people's health.
So we must ensure that our machine can be operation successfully in your place, if not, we will not give you this machine!!
We have strict quality control system in our company:
Before we delivery machine for you, our engineer will assemble the machine together for you.
And engineers must do debuging and commissioning of machine for you to ensure that machine can be workable well to produce mask successfully in your place.

All these will must be done before loading machine for you.
For us, wearereponsible for customers.
Our Reputation with 12 years is built by our this philosophy.
The final goal for us is not just selling you a machine, but also supporting you to produce the mask in your factory successfully!