Nakin Paper Wrapping Machine

Nakin Paper Wrapping Machine
Nakin Paper Wrapping Machine
Nakin Paper Wrapping Machine

Main Performance & features.

  1. TP-T200S Single napkin fully auto wrapping machine is suitable for N fold and single fold soft tissue, napkin fully automatic wrapping.
  2. Paper alignment feeding are utilized converter+servo together driving control method, pack film punching, pulling, cutting, feeding in the bag,center sending and other action are adopt servo driving control method, it has complete running function configuration, high service efficiency, simple operation, wide range specification, quick changed mould, convenient maintenance, low cost when using and other advantage.    
  3. Configuration 10 solo function: Paper forming, avoiding blocking, electric jog, positional correcting, knife repeat usage, speed auto adjusting, paper length beyond error protection, high temp.resistance protection, many section style floating end seal.
  4. Stable production speed 15-60 packs/min

Product tech. Parameter and basic features:

Basic Features            DescriptionNote
Paper pack rangeFilm pack tissue, hand towel, napkin 
Paper trimming & sending ASF fully intelligent conveyor5 Section intelligentized soft sending
Design production speed ≤  60  pack/minrelevant to the pack size
Stable production speed ≤  55  pack/minrelevant to the pack size
Film changed time ≤2 minrelevant to the operation familiar degree
Paper Length range   130   mm-   300   mmFinished product size, over range can be customized
Paper height range    60   mm-   170   mm
Paper width range   130   mm-   250   mm
Special use parts for specification change 3 setsstandard equip, detail pack size by buyer
Device size Length 5180 mm Width 4670 mm Height  2030 mm 
Weight ≤   3500    KG 
Pack material Two surface heat seal CPP film 
Film thickness0.04mm-0.05mm 
Film roll max. diameter400mm 
Film roll core diameter76mmFollow international common standard
Film roll max. width 450mm 
Compressed air Air pressure≥  5MPA  Air compression provide by the buyer
Cabinet power380V/50HZFollow Chinese electricity standard
Total Power  14  KWMain motor, servo motor, speed adjusting motor total power
Variation range of adaptive voltage+/-10%follow national standard
I/O Input24VDCelectric system control circuit input
I/O Output24VDCelectric system control circuit output
Motion Control Mechanism3 shaft servo positioning controlElectric Cam running curve
General Transmission MechanismElectric Cam running 
Device Color and Surface Finishing international Grey,Static Spraying & Baking Painting International color card no. RAL7032
Pack style3D packPack film mouth connect together, two ends sealing neat

  Device power info.

Total power(KW)18.33
Paper sending servo power(KW)0.4
        Open servo motor power(KW)0.4
center servo motor power(KW)1.5
Bag pushing servo motor power(KW)1.5
Fronted Moving servo motor power (KW)1.5
      Bag press servo motor power(KW)1.5
Down insert film servo motor power(KW)1.0
Moving guide servo motor power(KW)1.5
Iron swing lifting servo motor power(KW)1.5
Iron swing servo motor power(KW)0.2
Unreel motor power(KW)0.37
Position adjustment motor power(KW)0.04
Output motor power(KW)1.5
Paper trimming motor power(KW)0.2
Feeding motor power(KW)0.2
Spanking motor power(KW)0.06
Heating tube total power(KW)4.6
Other electric total power(KW)0.36

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