Non Woven Bag Cutting and Sewing Machine



   Nonwoven Box Bag Making Machine 
Non Woven Bag Cutting and Sewing Machine





This machine takes non-woven fabric as raw materials. It can produce non-woven bags of various sizes and shapes, such as :

non-woven D cutting bags(flat bag), soft loop bags, strip through bags, gift bags, and other products packaging bags.
Non Woven Bag Cutting and Sewing Machine



Main Technical Parameter






Production Speed




Bag Width




Bag Length




Bag-making Thickness




Power Supply




Total Power




Overall Dimension (L*W*H)








1. This machine adopts Taiwan touch screen computer display, PLC computer program which can be edited. 
2. Auto meter counting &stopping, could freely setting number. 
3. Computer Fixed-length, printing color mark track orientation, Auto-stop when complete. 
4. High voltage static processor, Auto constant temperature heating controller. 
5. This machine has the function of automatic punching. 

6. Unwinding magnetic powder tension control with manual, Auto side-correction control. 
7. This machine adopt ultrasonic welding of all aspects, bag mouth folding welding, side sealing, once full completed, fast speed, easy to operate, firm sealing, beautiful and decent.


Production Detail:
Non Woven Bag Cutting and Sewing Machine




Multi-function non woven bag making machine

1. Flat bag (D-cut bag) (Online make)
2. Flat bag with bottom gusset (Online make)
3. T-shirt bag (vest bag,U-cut or W-cut) (Need punching machine)
4. Handle bag (Need handle sealing machine)
5. Box bag (Need handle sealing machine)
6. Shoes bag (Rope wearing bag)
7. Laminating bag


Buying Guides



Dear buyer, 
In order to offer you the best suitable machine, better to offer the following specifications before you sending us the inquiry. All suppliers can send you the sample quotation, but we hope to send you the best offer after we getting your clear requirement.


1. Which kind of bags you want to produce? (pls. study your market well)
2. What is the max dimension of bag's width and length?
3. Will you need to print color on bags?



Non Woven Bag Cutting and Sewing Machine


 We have three type of nonwoven bag making machine:


1: HBL-DC700 type:  it can make bags Box Bag ,Handle Bag ,Shoe Bag , D cut Bag directly   (1245)                                                                                 T shirt bag need to add punching(3)


2: HBL-C700 type:  it can make bags Box Bag ,Shoe Bag , D cut Bag directly   (145)                                                                                                      T shirt bag need to add punching (3)
                                                          Handle Bag need to add punching (2)

1: HBL-B700 type:  it can make bags Shoe bag , D cut bag directly  ( 4 5 )

                                                          Handle bag need to add handle sealing machine(1)

                                                          T shirt bag need to add punching (3)



Non Woven Bag Cutting and Sewing Machine




Non Woven Bag Cutting and Sewing Machine




Product Packaging


Non Woven Bag Cutting and Sewing Machine


contact detail
Non Woven Bag Cutting and Sewing Machine


After sale service



1. How long will your engineer reach our factory?
Within one week after machine arrival your factory.



2. How many days will you finish installing ?
We will finish installation and training within 15days.



3. What should we charge for your engineer?
You should charge for the cost of our engineer's visa , air tickets, hotel, food ,and also their salary 80USD one day per person.



4. How long is your machine's warranty period?
All our machine have one year guarantee, starting from finished installation.



5. How could we do after one year warranty period?
We also can do service for you, but you need pay salary for my technician 80USD/day.



6. How could we do if the parts broken within warranty?
We would express the free replacement parts during the warranty date.



7. Does your engineer understand English?
Our engineer understand a little English. All our engineer have more than five years machine installation experience. In addition, they can use body language to communicate with customer.



8. Can you help us find any engineer in our location?
Of course, we will check and inform you as soon as possible.



9. How do we solve the machine problem after your engineer leaving?
Generally speaking, there will be no problem after finish installing. In case you have any problem. You can contact our sales at any time. Our engineer will take a solution video according your description.



10. How many worker do we need running those machines?
Except Two for bag making machine, flexo printing, slitting, ultrasonic sewing, hydraulic punching machine only need one person for each.