Panel Circuit Board Screen Printer Printing Machine

Panel Circuit Board Screen Printer Printing MachinePad printers and screen printers suitable for printing in plastic rubber, metal glass, ceramic wood products and other materials, widely used in glass cosmetics, stationery office supplies, electronic appliances, process decoration, medicine, ceramics and other fields. Can print exquisite effect on the plane, sphere and surface such as pen ruler, makeup bottle, glass bottle, industrial glove, fishing rod lamp tube long rod, glass touch screen, film circuit, electronic parts, keypad, medical tube, chip, memory card, computer mobile phone furniture tool shell and so on.

Panel Circuit Board Screen Printer Printing Machine

Equipment configuration

1. pneumatic components are all imported German original FESTO, for long service life.
2. Network version rampant cylinder using German FESTO rod cylinder, and upper and lower cylinder using German FESTO rod cylinder.
3. Guide rail for printing guidance is Taiwan TPI. Solenoid valve buffer adopts Japanese SMC, water separator adopts German FESTO.
4. uses special protection circuit, high safety performance.
5. Network version adopts special positioning way, easier to position teaching.
6. Beautiful design shape, all high-end treatment, keep the body fresh.
7. Use light touch control panel, simple and convenient operation, ensure the stability and safety of the machine.

Applicable products:

flat moblie phone glass,paper,thin plastic bag, cloth bag

Printing Workpiece Shape:Flat 
Worktable Top Size(mm):1000*700
 Maximum Frame Size(mm):  1200*900
Maximum Printing Size(mm): 800*600
Maximum Printing Speed(cycle/hour):700
Power requirement: 220V/50HZ/3500W
Pressure Requirement(bar):6-7
Machine Weight(kg):  600
Machine Size(mm):  1300*1500*1800

Panel Circuit Board Screen Printer Printing MachineKunshan Olat Printing Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of intelligent printing machine, intelligent screen printing machine and automatic printing equipment ." Olat. International "and" OLAT"have become well-known industry brands in China. The company also won the title of "High-tech Enterprise" in 2015.
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Olat continuously integrated R & D product technology, after-sales service, free of charge to provide technical advice and knowledge training, The machine is guaranteed for one year, lifetime maintenance. Printing effect is our unremitting pursuit!
Panel Circuit Board Screen Printer Printing MachinePanel Circuit Board Screen Printer Printing MachinePanel Circuit Board Screen Printer Printing MachinePanel Circuit Board Screen Printer Printing Machine1.The printing has a rough edge.
A. Adjust ink concentration.Add appropriate amount of diluent into the ink.  
B. Changes the mesh size of screen.
2.The mesh of printing screen is easy to be blocked.
A. The size of mesh is a little larger.
B. Choose extremely slow-drying dilution for printing ink
3.Printing design is not same as the drawing.
Change the tension of the printing screen.
4.Oil stains next to the printing design.
The screen is damaged and replace the new printing screen.
5.Printing design with heavy shadow
A. Change the scraper pressure.
B. The scraping oil speed is unstable, and adjust the air pressure of the machine.