Paper Coating Machine for Paper Industry

Paper Coating Machine for Paper Industry


Thermal paper coating machine:

mainly include single station release paper unit, blade coating, pneumatic open type hot air drying system, back coating wet Mizube, dryer coherent states finishing department, two roll calender machines, single station automatic correction reel, drive unit and electrical control nine parts. Drives with frequency step motor drive. The machine has a simple structure, easy operation and maintenance, loss of paper rate, etc.


Net paper width1880mm1880mm1880mm
Design speed         130 m/min180 m/min230 m/min
Working speed80-100 m/min130-150 m/min180-200 m/min
Raw paper weight40-80 g/m^240-80 g/m^240-80 g/m^2
Coating weight8-15 g/m^28-15 g/m^28-15 g/m^2
Production capacity10-13 ton/day17-20 ton/day23-26 ton/day
Coating wayblade coaterblade coaterblade coater
Number of blade coater222
Drying waydouble - sided blow drying boxdouble - sided blow drying boxdouble - sided blow drying box
Number of drying box555
Size of drying box2400*3500 / mm2400*3500 / mm2400*3500 / mm
Working temperature120-140ºC120-140ºC120-140ºC
Working pressure0.5 MPa0.5 MPa0.5 MPa
Number of status adjustment cylinder444
Size of status adjustment cylinder1500*2300 / mm1500*2300 / mm1500*2300 / mm
Drive typeVVVF ; separately transmissionVVVF ; separately transmissionVVVF ; separately transmission
Control typeelectric cabinet & pneumatic valveelectric cabinet & 
pneumatic valve
electric cabinet & 
pneumatic valve
Machine layoutsinglelayer / 
double layer
singlelayer / 
double layer
singlelayer / 
double layer

Paper Coating Machine for Paper Industry


PLC control, simple operation, less noisy. 
High working speed, and the speed can be customized design 
High quality air knife, long using life 
Equiped with thermocouple electronic display  to show oven temperature



unwinding roll - scrape-knife coating device - three drying ovens (four meters each drying oven) -scrape-knife coating device - four drying ovens (four meters each drying oven) -back wet device -3-1350 debugging mode Cylinder dryer-two roll calender machines level rewinding roll device, please see process flow diagram



Company Information

Zibo Shiao Machinery Co., Ltd is one of the leading enterprises in China, and supplies high cost-performance equipment related to pulping equipment, paper making equipment, complete sets of paper machine production line, old paper machine production line rebuilt, spare parts of paper machine, etc. Besides, our company owns excellent term with professional engineers and sales, we can offer the best proposal with the customer requirements.


For years, our products have reliable quality and superior performance and have been exported to Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, Africa, Middle East, South America and so on. Feedback from our customers are always positive and trustworthy.

Paper Coating Machine for Paper Industry






Zibo Shiao Machinery Co., Ltd


Our Services

1. Warranty: All our machines come with a one year warranty. Within one year, if fault is found with any parts we will provide replacement parts to our customers for free.(Apart from parts broken due to wear and tear (ie: small electrical parts, spraying nozzle, hauling rubber, cutting saw)

2. Test: We would invite our customer to test the machines in our factory after we finish the production. Machines are only shipped following full product testing and qualification.

3. Formula: We would provide the basic formulas to our customer after testing the machines.

4. Installation: We will provide an engineer to visit our customer's factories to install the machines and communicate with the company engineers.

5. After installation: We will respond to questions and queries within 24 hours. And will provide engineers for our customer's at their factory if required.