Paper Pulp Mold Egg Tray Machine

Paper Pulp Mold Egg Tray Machine

Paper Pulp Mold Egg Tray Machine

Egg tray / box  making machine

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Capacity:    350pcs/h, 700pcs/h, 1000pcs/h, 1300pcs/h, 2000pcs/h, 2500pcs/h,  3000 pcs/h   4000 pcs/h   5000pcs/h   ,  6000pcs/h   7000pcs/h    8000pcs/h    10000pcs/h    12000pcs/h 

The advantages:
1. with automatic  computer software
2. With a water pool and a pulp pool;
3. All installation work will be finished before shippment
4. Some parts are Germany- made or from other famous suppliers
5.our machine can produce different trays at same time bu using different moulds
6. Beside the egg tray,  our machine can make industrial package.
7. top quality. Until now,  we have  never received any complaint for quality problem


1,Egg tray mould quantity1pcs2pcs          3pcs4pcs6pcs8pcs
2,Raw materialWaste paperWaste paperWaste paperWaste paperWaste paperWaste paper
3,Output for egg tray350pcs/hour700pcs/hour1000pcs/hour1300pcs/hour2000pcs/hour2500pcs/hour
4,Net weight per piece (gram)70g-75g70g-75g70g-75g70g-75g70g-75g70g-75g
5,The volume of waste paper consumed0.025ton / hour0.06ton / hour0.1ton / hour0.13ton / hour0.2ton / hour0.2ton / hour
6,The volume of water consumed0.05ton / hour0.1ton/hour0.15ton / hour0.2ton / hour0.4ton / hour0.4ton / hour
7,Operators number2-3workers3-4workers4-6workers4-6workers5-7workers8-10workers
8,Area of workshopWithout dryerMore than100 M²More than 100 M²More than 120 M²More than 150 M²More than 200 M²More than 250 M²
With dryerMore than200 M²
More than 240 M²
More than 300M²
More than 320 M²
More than 450M²
More than 520M²
9,Capacity of powerWithout dryer20KW30KW40KW45KW65KW70KW
With dryer30KW45kw60kw65kw90kw100kw
10,Machine lengthWithout dryer7meters8meters9meters10meters10meters12meters
With dryer18-22meters24-28meters25-30meters25-30meters25-30meters28-35meters
11,Size of containerWithout dryer20ft*120ft*140ft*140ft*140ft*140ft*1
With dryer40ft*1+20ft*140ft*2+20ft*140ft*2+20ft*140ft*340ft*3+20ft*140ft*4+20ft*1
12,FOB price(usd)















Bigger  capacity is  available  

3000 pcs/h   4000 pcs/h   5000pcs/h   ,  6000pcs/h   7000pcs/h    8000pcs/h    10000pcs/h    12000pcs/h  

The production line is mainly combined by THREE PARTS:

1. Pulping system
(meaning: Use waste paper and water as raw material and pulp up) ;

2. Forming system
(meaning: The pulped material being delivered to Egg tray moulds, and forming to the Egg tray plate shape) ;

3. Drying system
(Meaning : The formed Egg tray plate being delivered to Dryer, and come up to Completed Strong Egg tray plate) .

The drying system is with one boiler.  The drying system can use electricity, or diesel, or coal, or natural gas as energy. Customers must first confirm which kind of energy they will use before our production.

Q & A :

Our productionline has Fully Automatic and Semi Automatic two types ,  both have  computer control system .

1.  What is Semi Automatic type ?
If only order The 1st and 2nd compulsory parts , that's Semi Automatic because you'll have to do the work of drying up egg tray manually;

2. What is Fully Automat type ?
Meaning:  the production line includes the Drying system and the whole procedure can be done Automatically .

Of course, the price and the required work space would have big difference from the semi-automatic type.
3. Quality
--- Our machines use  UK Technics and part of the components are Germany-made (ex: Ball valve) .
-- Our machine is made by Tooling NOT by Welding ,  insuring a minimum of 10 years' lifespan .
-- The Egg tray moulds material is Aluminium which can keep the fixed shape much better than that made of rubber material.
--- 99.9% of Success rate: Even if there is a failed egg tray , just throw it back to Pulping area and it can be re-used avoiding  waste ;
--- Our machine has been sold to worldwide for over 10 years with continued re-order by some customers with their business grow .
Some parts are made in Germany

Paper Pulp Mold Egg Tray Machine

Paper Pulp Mold Egg Tray Machine
Paper Pulp Mold Egg Tray Machine

Paper Pulp Mold Egg Tray Machine
Paper Pulp Mold Egg Tray Machine
Paper Pulp Mold Egg Tray Machine
Paper Pulp Mold Egg Tray Machine

Paper Pulp Mold Egg Tray Machine

Paper Pulp Mold Egg Tray Machine

Welcome to  my factory.  I am in Jinan city, Shandong province, China.

For more information,  please  contact me.
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Mike Zhao