PC200 Excavator Track Shoe for Komatsu

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Established in 1998 
 Liaoan Machinery Co., Ltd.

is a leading manufacturer and trader,

production of SteelTrack shoe
100000Ton output / year
World top undercarriage and construction machinery manufacturer use our track shoe
First of all, please overview our some of equipments

World top undercarriage and construction machinery manufacturer use our track shoe
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Company Information
1. Liaoning liaoan Machinery Manufacturing Co.ltd was founded in 1998, located in liaoyang city ,liaoning province. It is the earlist professional track shoe manufacturer in China. Our annual production capacity is 100, 000 tons, which includes 80,000 tons of heat treatment. So far, we have developed 45 types of profiles and more than 400 kinds of track shoes for single grouser, double grouser and triple grouser.

2. Suzhou lianan Machinery CO.ltd was founded in 2009, located in Changshu city, Jiangsu province, with 673k sq.ft occupied area and 318K sq.ft building area. It has joint-venture with Caterpillar the united states in May 2013, now it is the world-class full automatic track shoe manufacturer in China. Annual production capacity is 200,000 tons with caterpillar advanced quenching process and laboratory in leading level of the world. It is the factory to produce track shoes of heavy bulldozer and excavator.

Liaoan(LLA)Track shoes are furnace, hardened, and tempered for strength and resistance to bending and breakage. Liaoning Liaoan Machinery Manufacturing Co,. Ltd. provide a variety of track shoe options to meet the requirements of your work environment.

Excavator track shoe for excavator undercarriage

HardnessHRC 42-49
LengthOn request
ColourYellow and Black
CertificationISO9001 : ISO14001 /CAT
Warranty1200hours / One year
Delivery 10-15 days

Application for Excavator Track shoe  for Komatsu, Caterpillar, Volvo, Doosan, Hyundai etc.
PC200 Excavator Track Shoe for Komatsu

Product Model (some of)   

PC200 Excavator Track Shoe for Komatsu

tem No.Series No.weight DIMENSIONMODEL
 kgAB                              CDEF            HSKLMN
13135A-4004.36 13512.5  43147299   2378204001546PC60-3,S50,D20,65
23135E-4004.36 13512.5                  461480104    2378204001546 EX40 
33171B-4009.92 170.716.21                                                                                                                                                                                                          60.4 108108                                                                              30.111034.5400198.99.5EX100-1/2/3/5,EX120-1/3,DH120   E120B  CAT312  CAT215
43171C-50012.4 170.716.357 86.4102.428.57234.5500198.99.5PC100-5/6  PC120-5/6  PC130-6
53188A-60017.32 187.920.45                                                                                                                                                                         62 124.4160.4    31120                                                             36600217.510VOLVO210
63190B-60016.88 19018.5           62 124.4160.431109       3660021910EX200-2/5EX210PC200-2/3   ZAX230  EX220
73190D-80022.5 19018.5         62 124.4160.431109   3680021910
83190E-60016.88 19020.85          69 119.57155.5734.5109     3660021910E200B,EL200B,E320C ,SK200,200,340,SH200,SK230
93190F-80022.5 19020.85                                                                                             69 119.57155.5734.5109                                   3680021910
103203A-60022.26 20320.5                                                                                                 72.2 138.4178.4                     36.1136.5            4160023613PC300-5/1/3,DH280,DH320,VOLVO290,EX300-3
113203A-70022.26 20320.5     72.2 138.4178.4   36.1136.54170023613
123203A-80029.68 20320.5               72.2 138.4178.4         36.1136.54180023613
133203C-60022.26 20321                           72 129179            361244160023613E325ST,SK300 
143216B-60025.23 21622.8                                                                                                                                                           76.2 146184                                                 37146     4460024714VOLVOEC360BLC,EC460,PC300HD,PC400,EX400,PC360,WY160,E345  PC400-3  PC300-5
153216B-70029.44 21622.8                                                                76.2 146184               37146     4470024714VOLVOEC360BLC,EC460,PC300HD,
163216B-80033.64 21622.876.2 146184371464480024714
173154A-4506.49 15414.25                                             56.92 72.888.7                       28.4663.7264491656PC60-7
183171.5B-60012.76 171.516.560.4 10810830.111034.56001909.5E120   SK120-3   

Working process & Testing equipments
PC200 Excavator Track Shoe for Komatsu

Delivery solution
PC200 Excavator Track Shoe for Komatsu

1. Packed on furmigating pallet with PE film, which is advoid from moisture.
2. Steel strip tighten track shoe and pallet.
3. Shipping port: Dalian port
4. Air port: Dalian, Beijing.

Lorry Fleet: There is a specialized lorry fleet provide transportation service.
Delivery period: 15-20 days after order and advanced payment.

After Service:
Management of Customer Complaints
Highly Attention and Quick Processing Result in 24hours.
Negociating the solutions.

How to Place the Order

* Tell us machine model, track shoe model or drawings.
* We send quotation to you. If need testing report, I will send you by email.
* If the price and parameter is OK, payment in advance.
* We start to manufacturing track shoe.
* When goods is done, we take photo for your check, and then pay the balance.
* We delivery the courier company.


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