Pet Bottle Washing and Recycling Line

PET bottle washing recycling line

PET bottle washing line is the turn key solution for PET bottles recycling. The complete washing machine line could turn baled dirty polyester bottles into clean and dry PET flakes which could used be pelletized to granulas or for PET fiber making. This line is controlled with a central electrical control panel from the begining to the end

A typical PET bottle washing plant is consisit of the following components:
• Belt conveyor: For waste material infeeding.
• Bale Breaker - opens the tight bales of PET bottles to loose bottles one by one.
• Trommel screen: big trommel could separate heavy stones, caps, sand or other small contamination down from these bottles go through it.
• Pre-washing: This machine  has a big volume should work with hot water with high temperature. It mainly used for pre-washing the bottles before crushing and removes some contamination out. ( PVC bottles after go through the hot water may change color and could be sorted out further.)
• Label remover: For removing most percentage labels on the bottle body before crushing. This machine also have the function of pre-washing as well.
• Sorting belt: Sorting processed bottles again by manual to separate them by color ,type and sorting the dirties out before granulating.
• Metal Detector - detects metal contamination that may remain in the bottles
• Granulator/ Crusher: Wet crushing system.It used for material size reduction and pre-washing.
• Screw conveyor : For PET flakes transportion
• High speed Friction washer( Scrub washing machine): High speed friction washing could achieve a good cleaning effects through the blades on the beating and spray. This machine is suitable for broken film and Plastic flakes washing.
• Single screw or double screw washing tank/ Screw washer: For flakes floating washing and conveying.
• Hot Washing Tank/ steam washer - hot washing process with alkaline (caustic) soda to remove glue and oil
• Horizontal dewatering machine( Dehydrator):This machine is mainly used for the cleaning of waste plastic after mechanical dewatering and drying, the spindle through high speed rotating threw the plastic and water to the screen, water releases by screen, while the plastic is from the outlet to be out of the machine enters into the next procedure. The machine has a good drying effect and high energy efficiency. The blade is made of high wear-resistant materials, can be replaced more conveniently.
• Second granulator (optional): For PET flakes size reduction to final size required.
• Zig-Zag label separato (air classifier)r: For separate labels in the crushed flakes.
• Blower and transition silo: transportation to storage silo.
• Control cabinet:  For control the whole system intensively.

Installation Power (kw)150250300400500
Labor2-4 person3-5 person5-6 person6-8 person8-12 person

Final PET products quality for reference:
Final Moisture of PET flakes: < 1-2%
Total Impurity: < 200ppm
PVC Content: < 100ppm
PE/PP Content: < 200ppm
Particle Size: < 14-16mm
Final products real quality data is up to the real material situation,too.

Machine line Features :
1.Capacity: 300-3000kg per hour
2.Cap &Label separate with the PET bottle flakes automatically
3.Easy to operate, Full automatic.
4.Washing machine Parts which contact material use SUS304 with high thickness to ensure long service lift time
5.Bottle Types: PET Bottle, Plastic Bucket, Water Bottle, Coke Bottle,
6. Application: PET Strap, PET Yarn Fiber, PET Sheet,PET granulas
7. The whole production line with CE , ISO9001 certification

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