Plasma Transferred Arc Coating Machine

Plasma Transferred Arc Coating Machine
Brief description:

The plasma arc is used as a heat source to rapidly apply the high temperature generated by the plasma arc to heat the alloy powder and the substrate surface quickly. And together, they melt, mix, diffuse and solidify. After the plasma beam leaves the self-excited cooling, a high-performance alloy layer is formed, thus achieving the strengthening and hardening of the part surface surfacing process. As the plasma arc has a high arc temperature, significant heat transfer rate, excellent stability, melt depth controllability, through the adjustment of the relevant welding parameters. The thickness, width, and hardness of the surfacing layer can be freely adjusted within a specific range. Plasma powder surfacing after the formation of a fusion between the base material and the surfacing material interface, the combination of high strength, surfacing layer of dense tissue, corrosion, and Good wear resistance; reduced dilution of the base material and the cladding material, less change in material properties. The use of powders as surfacing materials can improve alloy design's selectivity, especially the ability to smoothly surfacing refractory materials, improving the wear resistance, high temperature, and corrosion resistance of the workpiece.


The current plasma surfacing machine on the market only has a single function (powder cladding), and the workpiece is surfacing only. The WALDUN plasma welding machine is equipped with two functions: powder cladding and TIG welding, which is challenging due to the limitation of surface cladding and inner hole cladding. It offers more options for repairing some small areas. The 65mm gun has made an indelible contribution to the bore surfacing industry as opposed to bore surfacing.


Functional aspects.

Weld to guide the dimensional arc, high-power argon arc welding to guide the main arc. Thus making the host bulky and challenging to carry, thus making the machine only suitable for one-way work, should not go out to work. The WALDUN plasma welding machine is to overcome the reasons that the voltage of the arc is too high, and the micro-arc is unstable. The above problem, using a simple plasma power system, is small and light in weight suitable for working in any situation.

Plasma gun for welding.

Most of the current plasma welding guns on the market are external powder feeding systems, the gun handle is also made of everyday materials, so that in The use of the process is prone to blocked powder or leakage phenomenon, seriously affecting the standard production needs and the user's life safety. WALDUN plasma welding torch adopts a built-in powder feeding system. The torch handle is made of polyethylene insulation material, which overcomes the problem of powder plugging and leakage in the process of using. The welding torch does not carry enough current to reach the full load of the machine. The carrying current of the welding gun is not enough to match the machine to achieve full capacity.

For the powder feeder.

The current plasma welding machine on the market are scraper type powder feed, this way of sending powder for a long time easy to carry powder unevenly. WALDUN plasma welding machine adopts the current impeller type powder feed, which can be used for the welding of the plasma surface. Accurate control of the size and speed of the powder delivery, thus overcoming the above problems.

Energy-saving and environmental protection.

Most of the current plasma surfacing machines on the market are based on three-phase electricity (380v), gas consumption between 4-8, powder. The WALDUN plasma welding machine uses a two-phase power supply (220v) with a gas consumption of 1-2%. The powder utilization rate is around 90%. This, in turn, saves production costs.
Plasma Transferred Arc Coating Machine


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