Plastic Spin Welding Machine (MSP-5025)

Plastic Spin Welding Machine (MSP-5025)
Plastic Spin Welding Machine (MSP-5025)
Plastic Spin Welding Machine (MSP-5025)
Plastic Spin Welding Machine (MSP-5025)
1. CE ISO9001 and SGS Certificate;
2. Weld round plastic products;
3. Simens PLC control;
4. High Precision Welding;

Main Features
1. Accurate positioning.
2. Provide high-torque movement device with motor 1-50 ma.
3. Lift body electrically and adjust moulds conveniently and efficiently.
4. PLC programmed control systems and human-computer interface for adjusting welding parameters.
5. Weld the round work-pieces which need positioning.
6. Four-columned frame structure with high-precision straight bearing and movement from top to bottom completely eliminate the couple and backwards.
7. Standard welding machine in our company, we have stock in our plant
8. Application Material: HDPE, PP, PE, PVC, ABS, PET and nylon Material and ect.
9. Application Scopes: Widely used in the Electronic Industry, Medical Industry, Household Appliances, Packaging Industry and ect.
10. Place of origin: Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, China.
We have exported our machines to Europe, UK, Germany, India, Middle-East and ect.

Our products application fields:
Widely used in the automotive industry, electronic industry, medical industry, household appliances, woven apparel, office supplies, packaging industry, toy industry and so on.
Such as plastic body parts, car doors, car dashboard, lights, mirrors, sun visor, interior parts, filters, reflective material, reflective spike, bumper, cable, motorcycle plastic filter, radiator, tanks, pallet plates.
Plastic electronics: Prepaid water meters, communications equipment, atheism phone, mobile phone accessories, cell phone case, battery case, charger, maintenance valve regulated lead-acid batteries, 3-inch floppy disk, U disk, SD card, CF card, USB connectors, Bluetooth.
Toys, stationery: Folder, album, folding boxes, PP hollow board, pen loops, ink cartridges, toner cartridges.
Medical Daily: Watches, kitchen utensils, oral liquid bottle, drip caps, mobile phone accessories, gold soft brush, daily necessities, health supplies, children's products, air mattresses, clothes hangers, tool holder, coffee pot, cover and Civil speaker grille metal surface.


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