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professional factory of steel ccm  CCM and Continue casting machine produce 60x60mm billets


Product Description: 
Continuous casting is a energy-saving technique to casting the molten steel to a section shape or a certain size billet continuously and continuous casting machine is the equipment to complete this process. 


Main products:
We have continuous casting machine:
1. kinds of arc radius
2. kinds of billet type
3. kinds of strand
4. More options
To offer billet, round and bloom sized continuous casting machine and related spare parts.
Arc radius can be from 3.5m to 14m.
The strand can be 1-8.
Kinds of billet type continuous casting machine: 60mmX60mm to 700mmX700mm, of round one from Φ 80mm to Φ 900mm, of slab one from 120mmX850mm to 3600mmX1000mm.

-Ladle turret: Straight arm type, and can be with automatic weighing device, emergency driven unit and driven by electric motor.
-Oscillation system: Guided by spring steel plate, it is outside the secondary cooling chamber, far away from the high temperature zone, easy for maintenance.
-Mould assembly: with water cooling system, use high quality copper tube.
-Withdrawal and straightening unit: The straightener adopts the gradually straightening technology.
-Flame or hydraulic cutter: High-speed narrow slit cutter, along with the unpowered cutting car. Guidance mechanism decides the torch swing. 
-Dummy bar: Rigid dummy bar or flexible dummy bar.
-Electric control system: machiner controlled by Simens PLC with industrial computer.

Composition of CCM:
-Ladle Turret
-Console frame of revolving operation box
-Tundish car

-Recooling sprayer device
-Vibration device
-Dummy bar
-The storage device of dummy bar
- Hydraulic system
- Billet cutting system
-Billet pusher
-Cooling bed
-Water cooling system
-Electrical control system