Pluse Heating High Accuracy FPC Soldering Machine

High speed cable soldering machine for mini SAS QSFP SFP Iphone data cables



Product nameSingle side pulse soldering machine for high speed cable
Technical IndexTech-Parameters
Indentor sizeMAX 80*15 mm
pressure of indenter0.02-0.8Mpa Adjustable pressure accuracy, ± 0.05Mpa
Hold time 1-100S
Lock wattage2000W 
Soldering precisionpitch 0.4 
working pressure0.4~0.6Mpa 
temperature rangeRT~500ºC 
temperature accuracy ± 3 ºC
Warm-up time1~2S/SEGMENT
Working Voltage220V, AC
Machine Dimensions(L*W*H)L400mm*W450mm*H510mm
Working environment10-60ºC,40%~90%  
Working efficiency500~700pcs/H depend on products



Soldering machine uses pulse heating technology to work, so the temperature control is very accurate.

This makes hot presses often used in places where temperature is very critical.

When the hot press is working, the machine can be effectively controlled by multi-stage heating.

The temperature of the hot press can be expressed by the real-time temperature curve, which is easy to understand and greatly facilitates the operation of the operator.



1.Japan high-speed temperature controlling system. 
2. Pulse heating, can be set to different multi-zone temperature control sensor detected by the system.  
3.Operation interface with 7 "touch screen, easy to operate. 
4.Machine adjustment mode, welding head level adjustment, transfer machine convenient and quick, and a system of automatic detection, fault alarm, adjust the parameters of memory function.
5. High quality titanium alloy pressure of indentor and imported temperature sensor, to ensure accurate heating temperature. 
6.Clamp fixed type, so that soldering is more sophisticated and efficient. 
7. Temperature sensor detected by the system control, and equipped with password protection, the system self-test. 
8.Suitable for type c 3.1, HDMI, USB, MINI DP, medical line, very fine coaxial line, mobile phone axis line, FFC, LVDS pin and more dense connectors and wire soldering.



Pluse Heating High Accuracy FPC Soldering Machine


Pluse Heating High Accuracy FPC Soldering Machine


Pluse Heating High Accuracy FPC Soldering Machine




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Pluse Heating High Accuracy FPC Soldering Machine