Portable Monitoring Equipment for Underground Mining Conveyor Belt

1. Product introduction

This mobile detector was developed mainly used for those belt service providers who want to detect multiple steel-cord conveyor belts in different lengths and widths with one detector. This mobile fault detector is simpler in structure, lighter in weight and easier to install than the previous fixed one, which is able to detect several steel-cord conveyor belts within a short time.

2. Features & Advantages

Remote operation:
Device users can remotely complete all equipment operation and status monitoring.

Real-time display
The operating status of the belt is displayed on the computer screen in real time.

Holographic storage
The belt data acquired is completely stored in the hard disk.

Automatic recognition
The device can automatically analyze the belt data without the assistance of personnel.

Video playback
Reproduce the entire operating process of the belt, and adjust the running speed of the belt.

Defect location
Accurately locate each defect recognized through the pixel data, and display the location information in the observation window and report.

High magnification
Realize subtle observation of various defects, such as wire splitting and corrosion, with the principle of magnifying glass.

Accurate distant measurement
The distance between any two points in the belt can be measured through simple operation, which is accurate to 1mm.

3. Product Parameter

1Running Speed of Belt0-9.6m/s;
2Belt Width800mm-3,000mm
3Joint Vulcanization GradeAutomatic recognition of Grade 1- 4 or lapped joints
4Operating Temperature40ºC-35ºC; Operating Humidity: 95% RH at 25ºC
5System Power Supply VoltageAC 127v/220v
6The error of judging longitudinal distance and transverse
distance of joints and wire breakage
The error of judging longitudinal distance and transverse distance of joints
and wire breakage is±50 mm and 10 mm, respectively
8Signal Transmission ModeCable transmission for a distance less than 70m; optical fiber transmission for a distance of 70m or more
9Transmission ProtocolTCP/IP protocol is adopted
10Software Operating EnvironmentWindows 7/8/10 X86

4.Product Physical Structure
 Portable Monitoring Equipment for Underground Mining Conveyor Belt

5. Comparison of advantages and disadvantages between fixed and mobile

S/NItemMobile fault detectorFixed fault detector
1Whether the conveyor belt needs to be
shut down for detection.
No needNo need
2Whether the image of the wire cable
core detected is clear
Very clearVery clear
3Conveyor belt area that can be
detected at each time
Detect the entire belt at each time with full section scanningDetect the entire belt at each time with full section scanning
4Detection of Steel-cord break,
Rust and Wire Splitting
Very accurateVery accurate
5Detection of joint twitch of the conveyor beltGeneral judgment of joint twitchAccurate judgment of joint twitch
6Portability of the whole deviceLight and convenientRelatively heavy
7How to fix the device during detectionUsers are required to make bracket by themselves
according to site conditions
The bracket is installed at one time, and only the mouse needs
to be touched for each detection.
8Radiation protectionUsers are required to install shield by themselves
according to site conditions
The shield is installed at one time and the radiation is controlled
within the safe range.
9Purpose of the development of the
device and target customers
Used by belt service providers to detect and maintain
multiple conveyor belts of the mining companies
Applicable to the fixing, installation and real-time safety monitoring
of the conveyor belts in key transport links of mining enterprises

Product installation
· It is installed in the lower belt, which will not affect the normal transport operation of the belt conveyor.
· The structure of the product is simple, with free combination of the two , which can be adapted to a belt conveyor in any height, width and length.
· The product is tightly dust-proof and can be applied to any working conditions, such as raining, snowing, dusty and other environments.
· The product is extremely light and convenient, which can be installed, commissioned and tested by 1 person only.

Product Size and Weight

Components of detectorLengthWidthThickness/HeightWeight
X-ray generator590mm510mm170mm39.2kg
X-ray receiving controller1130-2330 mm430mm80mm21.5-38.5kg

Product maintenance
As the outer shell of the product is made of metal, and the internal parts are basically electronic components, there is no wear and tear, without need for maintenance.