PP Hollow Construction Template Extrusion Machinery

PP Hollow Construction Template Extrusion Machinery
PP Hollow construction template Extrusion machinery

PP Hollow Construction Template Extrusion Machinery


Features of plastic construction formwork:

                                           Hollow Plastic Formwork Dimensions 

Width x Length(mm)





















Reuse times


Hollow plastic building templates

More than 50 times

High hardness and stregth, fire resistance, waterproof, light weight, convenient transportation, many times of turnover,low cost, easy to disassemble

Wood plywood

1-20 times

Easy to absorb water and expands,reused times is less,waste forest resources

Bamboo plywood

5-20 times
Easy to absorb water and expands,reused times is less, waste forest resources

Steel frame forwork

More than 20 times
High cost,inconvenient disassemby, consume labor power and the weight is heaviest.

PP Hollow Construction Template Extrusion Machinery

1. Light weight, high strength, high hardness, impact resistance, wear resistance.

2. Surface is smooth, bright and clean; Concreting and forming effect is good for pp hollow sheet making machine.

3. No absorption of moisture, no deformation, no mildew; Long-term immersion stratification in the water, no bubbles, sheet size stability, especially suitable for underground and damp environment.

4. Good toughness. pp hollow sheet making machine could be used as cambered special-shaped formwork.

5. Acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance; pp hollow sheet making machine is very suitable for the engineeringapplication in coastal areas, mine, as well as seawall. pp hollow sheet making machine needs not do any preservative treatment both in using and storing the formwork, which do notpollute the concrete surface.

6. The reusable time for pp hollow sheet making machine can reach more than 60 times, long service life.

7. Waste products can be recycled and reprocessed, making full use of waste materials. This property can greatly reduce the project cost compared with wooden formwork and bamboo formwork.

8. Environmental protection and energy saving, no pollution. No any poisonous or harmful gas.

9. Demould easily. No need brushing release agent, only tapping, the plywood formwork price will fall off. Shorten working hours and speed up the construction schedule efficiently.

10. Easy to process. Sawing, drilling and nailing are all available. pp hollow sheet making machine can be combined vertically and horizontally optionally.

11. Easy to remove. Removing is convenient, quick and safe, and the supporting is also easy to operate, advantageous to the organization construction, effectively improving the construction schedule.

PP Hollow Construction Template Extrusion Machinery

PP Hollow Construction Template Extrusion Machinery


With increasing environmental awareness and the influence of policy, green construction material is more and more popular.


ACEMIEN plastic hollow formwork is a successful innovation of construction material and has been accepted by many Asian countries. plywood formwork price can reach more than 60 reusable times and have more excellent performance than traditional plywood: green, energy efficient and economical.


ACEMIEN pp hollow sheet making machine has been tested by market and will be a great innovation of construction material.

PP Hollow Construction Template Extrusion Machinery

PP Hollow Construction Template Extrusion Machinery

General Operation And Notes Of Instrument For formwork board system :

  • Method of use as well as wooden formwork,  pvc bridge formwork reinforcement direction with batten direction placed in cross shaped.
  • No need to smear the mold release agent before using board formwork.
  • When cast-in-place the flat plate, spacing between the keels should be 20 ~ 25 cm, and the spacing between the wall plate and keels hould be 10 ~ 20 cm. ACEMIEN formwork board system don't need releasing agent.
  • The seam-line between pvc bridge formwork should be taped.
  • The length of nail should not be too long, generally about 30 ~ 35 mm.
  • The strength to drive nailsshould be moderate.
  • When removing the board formwork, please start from the small part of one end, the support and the plates should be removed at the same time aiming at preventing the template widespread drops, don't let the corner drop on the ground vertically.
  • The formwork board system accesses to be mixed used with wood veneer, bamboo veneer and other material plate

PP Hollow Construction Template Extrusion Machinery


1.Q: Are you an industry manufacture factory or a foreign trade company?
A: We are an industrial manufacture factory of plastic extrusion machinery and auxiliary equipment, which locates in Zhangjiagang city, China.
A: Loading Port: Shanghai by sea or by train.

2.Q: Payment term:
T/T, L/C, West Union, or Cash, etc.

3.Q: Do you have any other services for your products?
A: We have rich experience in manufacturing plastic machinery, so we can manufacture various machines according to customers' requirement.

4. Q:How do you make the quotation for clients?
A:The price depends on quality and performance but the clients should be satisfied first.


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