Pre-190 Series PVC Plastic Planetary Roller Extruder

Introduction & Application of Our PRE Series Planetary Roller Extruder 

The "PRE" series of planetary roller extruder, experiences rolling and extrusion in configuration that a planetary screw is inter-engaged at a center of a main SCREW and BARREL which are screwed in a shape of helical gear at 45°. The planetary screw revolves and rotates on its axis, in order to employ various resin

The extruder has the advantages of multi-application, can be used for sheeting, filming instead by using banbury mixer/open mill mixer, and used for high capacity pelletizing, its capacity could reach to 2000kg/h.


In special, because the extruder supplies the rolling and extrusion through space of the inter-engagement, it may plasticize the resin at a low temperature.

Through the inter-meshing action of the toothed planetary roller system just one single revolution of the main spindle suffices to roll out the plastic melt as many as 1,100 times, ensuring optimum plastification, homogenization and dispersion.


The "PRE" is a low-temperature forming extruder which may produce without any change of properties owing to its low-temperature forming and homogenizing.

Combined rolling and extruding action: through the inter-meshing action of the toothed planetary roller system just one single revolution of the main spindle suffices to roll out the plastic melt as many as 1,100 times, ensuring optimum plastification, homogenization and dispersion.

Compared with other extruder designs, this system increases the contact surface of the melt by up to five times.

Low-cost formulation: the optimum heat-exchanging effect created by the large contact surfaces of the planetary roller system in conjunction with short residence time of the melt helps to achieve a considerable reduction in formulation costs. Costly stabilizers and lubricants are reduced to a minimum.

Self-cleaning feature: since all toothed components of the machine constantly inter-mesh, no residual material is left in the machine when changing over from one formulation to another. The system is change-over from one color to another, results in no more than 5kg of scrap.


 Why Choose  from Lanhang


1. Since1992, with more than 20 years' professional experience


 2. Overseas service center available (in Europe, Japan, Dubai, etc.)


 3. International CE, SGS, IAF, CNAS certification


 4. National high-tech enterprise / products


 5. Various National Patent for Inventions Letters for rubber & plastic machinery


 6. ISO9001:2008 management

Product 1:



PRE 150

PRE 170

PRE 190


PRE 255

Main motor power(kw)







Speed of the main screw(rpm)


Stuffy power(kw)







Pre-190 Series PVC Plastic Planetary Roller Extruder
Product 2:

 Double stage extruder:

The first compounding extruder runs at a high speed for good mixing and high output capacity.The second extruder must be a larger diameter single screw one that can run at lower screw speed .The lower screw can avoid over -heating by internal cooling system and strong heat exchange ability .The functional separation allows operator to more flexibly control the expectable material mixing process and temperature.

Pre-190 Series PVC Plastic Planetary Roller Extruder


Model No.


 Screw Diameter   


 Motor Power



PRE-150 planetary screw extruder



SJ-200 single screw extruder




PRE-180 planetary screw extruder



SJ-220 single screw extruder




PRE-220 planetary screw extruder



SJ-250 single screw extruder




PRE-255 planetary screw extruder



SJ-300 single screw extruder




Pre-190 Series PVC Plastic Planetary Roller Extruder
Pre-190 Series PVC Plastic Planetary Roller Extruder

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