Pressure Vessel Automatic Fabrication Solution

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Pressure Vessel Construction Machine

Pressure Vessel Automatic Fabrication Solution

Pressure Vessel Automatic Fabrication Solution

We provide solutions for:

1. Steel plate cutting and edge beveling
2. Single shell inside and outside longitudinal seam welding
3. Multi-section shells fitting-up & handling
4. Inside and outside circumferential seam welding
5. Conveyors system & production line

-Inside longitudinal seam welding machine
-Outside longitudinal seam welding machine
-Fitting-up station
-Inside circumferential seam welding machine
-Outside circumferential seam welding machine
-Pipe splicing lines for pile rack
-Heavy-duty manipulator

Pipe Spool Fabrication Machines

1Pressure Vessel Automatic Fabrication Solution

Pipe Cutting& Beveling All-in-one Machine

>Suitable for pipes not larger than 8",max.thickness:20mm

>Cutting efficiency:100times/8hrs

>PLC control with automatic measuring to guarantee the same processing cycle

>Widely used for small bore C.S/S.S production lines

2Pressure Vessel Automatic Fabrication Solution

High Speed Band-saw Cutting Machine

>Three models available(16"type,24"type",48"type)

>PLC system control;self-measuring function with precision:±0.5mm

>Using hydraulic self-centering chuck

>It only takes 6 minutes to cut a 24" pipe of 25mm thickness

>Widely used for C.S/S.S production lines.

3Pressure Vessel Automatic Fabrication Solution

High Speed CNC Pipe End Beveling Machine

>Automatic self-centering chuck

>Single V,double V,U type bevel

>Can be matched with pipe end turning devic

>High speed beveling:for example,it only takes 2.5minutes to get a 37.5 degree bevel for a S.S pipe end(diameter :610mm,thickness:25mm)

>Several models available:16",24",32",48"

4Pressure Vessel Automatic Fabrication Solution

Two / Multi- Axis CNC Flame/Plasma Cutting Machine
>High efficient pipe cutting with automatic self-measuring function, pipe end beveling, intersection line profiling for both main and branch pipe.

>Five/multi-axis cutting machine can profile more complicated outlines with various bevel type

>Standard machine suitable for pipes nor larger than 24''

5Pressure Vessel Automatic Fabrication Solution

Multi-function Pipe Fitting-up Station

>Suitable for flange,elbow,tee,reducer to pipe and special T-joint fitting-up.

>Light-duty type(manual) and heavy-duty type(motorized) are available.

>Different types available, 8" type, 24" type, 32" type, 48" type, 60" type

6Pressure Vessel Automatic Fabrication Solution

Automatic Pipe Welding Station

>With two welding heads

>TIG/MIG/SAW are optional

>PLC system control & WPS programmed

>Max. efficiency fo reach welding head can be 400D.I/8hrs even use TIG/MIG technology.

>Different types available, 8" type, 24" type, 32" type, 48" type, 60" type

7Pressure Vessel Automatic Fabrication Solution

Conveyor Handling System

>used for pipe convenient transporation during in pipe spool fabrication.

>Its speed is adjustable between 2M to 20M/min.

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