Pressure Vessel Rubber Roller Vulcanization Autoclave

Pressure Vessel Rubber Roller Vulcanization Autoclave
Rubber vulcanization autoclave is a chemical process at a given pressure, temperature and time for converting natural rubber into more durable materials by the addition of sulfur. These additives modify the polymer by forming cross-links (bridges) between individual polymer chains. Vulcanized materials are less sticky and have superior mechanical properties. And vulcanization autoclave is used widely for this chemical process.

Heating type: Steam indirect heating
Opening door type: Manual quick opening, single man can easily complete all the steps. This design is the most advanced way and idea of opening the door. Open and close the door normally when it is power failure.
Sealing Method: The door uses inflatable silicone sealing ring, which is simple and convenient to maintain and the sealing effect is obviously better than other methods with more than 2 years of service life.
Safety chain type: 3 sets of safety interlock devices are designed at the tank door. It solves the safety problems caused by mistaken operation completely.
(1)Pressure automatic safety chain (2) Manual safety chain (3) Sealing ring safety chain
Control Type: PLC Computer Full-automatic Control, Computer Semi-automatic Control and Manual Control
Insulation Type: It uses double layer external insulation, saving thirty percent of energy consumption than ordinary insulation.
Loading mode: There are two 36# steel rail with the national standard in the tank. A filtering net is covered in the discharge hole which is easy to clean the sundries without clogging the outlet.

Pressure Vessel Rubber Roller Vulcanization Autoclave

Rubber Vulcanizing Autoclave Tank Features:
1. The body and bottom of autoclave is made of carbon steel.
2. Steam is filled into from the bottom of boiler, pneumatic angle seat valve controls air inlet automatically.
3. There are many holes regularly arrange on the surface of diffusion to diffuse steam evenly, temperature is uniformly distribute in the boiler.
4. Autoclave can be automatically heat up and vulcanize after setting procedures; it will be stop working and raise an alarm when finishing.
5. Four safety interlocks ensure the safety in the curing process. Meanwhile, the door can't be opened when there is pressure in the autoclave.
6. Insulation material is filled into the body to keep warming.
7. We adopt advanced design concept and manufacture. It can improve the effect of vulcanizing.
8. The size of equipment can be designed to satisfy customers' requirement.

Pressure Vessel Rubber Roller Vulcanization AutoclavePressure Vessel Rubber Roller Vulcanization AutoclavePressure Vessel Rubber Roller Vulcanization AutoclavePressure Vessel Rubber Roller Vulcanization AutoclavePressure Vessel Rubber Roller Vulcanization Autoclave
Pressure Vessel Rubber Roller Vulcanization Autoclave
Technical parameter

Inner diameter(mm)80012001500170020002600
Canister length(mm)22000300030004000500010000
Number of lid sawtooth121214141624
thickness of lid (mm)101010101614
Thickness of the tank body(mm)101010101214
Working pressure(Mpa)

1. Mainly used for rubber products, hoses, rubber roller and other vulcanization
2. Rubber vulcanizing autoclave is widely cured with rubber products for mechanical properties such as: new tire curing, tire refurbishment, hose, roller, cable, pipe vulcanization
3. Capsules, rubber sheet, rubber gloves, rubber shoes, tape, lined rubber, rubber cloth, rubber and other products vulcanization.
4. Rubber vulcanizing autoclave is also widely used for wood degreasing, hydrolysis, wood dipping, wood shaping, oxidizing,autoclaving, wood cooking, wood impregnation and wood drying, etc.

Pressure Vessel Rubber Roller Vulcanization AutoclavePackaging & Shipping
Our machines and equipments are packed in standard package that fit for long distance road transportation and shipping. We ensure our customers can receive the undamaged machine in good condition.Pressure Vessel Rubber Roller Vulcanization Autoclave
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Pressure Vessel Rubber Roller Vulcanization Autoclave

We have a professional working team that can design for you, to ensure that you buy the best quality and fittest machine in least money.
After sale, we provide one-year warranty to make sure that your machine runs functionally and consistently. We also provide lifelong services and spare parts for the machine.
Pressure Vessel Rubber Roller Vulcanization Autoclave

Q: Are you manufacturer or trading company?
A: We are a professional manufacturer.

Q: What is your business scope?
A: There are three categories, such as food sterilization machine, composite autoclave, rubber vulcanization autoclave.

Q: How could we confirm the details of the products?
A: We will provide all the drawings for you to confirm or you can come here to conduct investigation.

Q: Will you charge us for drafting if we have special requests?
A: No, we will not. Free of charge to make a draft or offer
Q: How long the warranty will be?
A: 1 Year warranty.

Q: How about the installation? And what if the machine goes down?
A: We will do that. There are two options.
a. We could appoint our engineer to your company to debug and repair, as for the cost of this trip such as ticket, visa, accommodation and labor cost shall be on your side.
b. On-line service will be provided. If still is under guarantee period, the necessary accessories and parts will be provided free, but the transportation cost of it shall be on your side.

Q: Do you take L/C?
A: Yes, we accept L/C, T/T and irrevocable L/C payable.

Q: Can we become your distributor in our country?
A: Yes, welcome you! More details will be discussed if you are interested in being our agent.