Printer Machine for Color Coating Line

Printer Unit
    Printed strip is mainly applied for building decoration and home appliance, and it is usually multi-color coated based on the strip that has been primary coated. The printer unit is usually arranged in the back end of finish coating  process and coated with a layer of clear paint after printing process, so as to enhance the performance effect of the surface pattern

Raw materialThickness mmWidth
Process Speed mpmDFT
PPGI0.15-1.2600-1500Max 4010Electricity

Refer to the advanced printer of South Korea and Japan, combined with specific customer 's production requirement, we constantly make the improvement  in design, so as to provide the most cost effective and high level printing equipment to our customers

3 color/4 color printing
Strip width:Max 1450 mm
Laser-induced thermal etching concave side roll, multi pattern option
Adopt high precision servo motor drive

The control system of printer unit is independently designed and debugged by Bjamazing;
Depend on more than 10 years experience of design and commissioning in strip processing industry, the printer unit that supplied by Bjamazing has obvious advantage in printing accuracy and equipment stability.

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