Production Line of Embedded Flat Emitter Drip Irrigation Pipe

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Production Line of Embedded Flat Emitter Drip Irrigation Pipe

Production line of embedded flat emitter drip irrigation pipe
High cost performance: for the drip irrigation pipe production enterprises just invested and constructed at home and abroad, the price of drip irrigation pipe production lines imported from other countries is too expensive for many enterprises to accept; however, the price of drip irrigation pipe production equipment produced by our company is far lower than that of similar foreign equipment.
Production Line of Embedded Flat Emitter Drip Irrigation Pipe

PRODUCT NAMEEmbedded flat dripper drip irrigation pipe production line

- low maintenance costs and low cost accessories: since the equipment is mass-produced, our operation and maintenance costs are extremely low. All parts of the production line can meet the needs of customers in time.

- fast production speed: various pipe diameters, wall thickness, specifications are complete, high yield, production line online detection function is complete (drop off alarm, pipe pinhole detection, dripper deviation correction and anti rotation tube), and the occupation of personnel is relatively small.

The production line has strong pertinence and adapts to fan guokuan: our production line can be designed and manufactured according to the needs of different customers. The requirements for environment (such as local water quality, power supply, air source, temperature, humidity, dust, etc.) are low.

---customer staff training: regular technical training for customer related staff, adopting nanny training method, focusing on the combination of theory and practice, and conducting assessment after training. To ensure that everyone can. Achieve the corresponding technical level, combined with the operation of equipment, so that enterprises can rest assured production. In addition to the conventional equipment control points, maintenance, troubleshooting, we also provide necessary assistance and experiments for the user's raw material localization 1.

After sales service: our company implements the "turnkey project" service for the sold equipment, and will send special personnel to the site to install and debug the equipment. The company has no special after-sales service department, and has more than 20 senior maintenance personnel. They provide technical support for the whole process of equipment operation, and set up a central control room in the company, Through the network, the user's equipment can be dynamically monitored at any time, the operation of the equipment can be mastered at all times, and the reasonable requirements put forward by the user can be adjusted by the staff through the network, and various vulnerable parts of the equipment are available, which can ensure the normal production of the user and avoid the worries of the user.

To sum up the above points, Shuanglin machinery's drip irrigation pipe production line is the preferred equipment for your investment in the drip irrigation pipe production industry. Its stable performance, practical design, simple operation and reasonable price will definitely bring you high economic returns.

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Production Line of Embedded Flat Emitter Drip Irrigation Pipe


Production Line of Embedded Flat Emitter Drip Irrigation Pipe

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Production Line of Embedded Flat Emitter Drip Irrigation Pipe 
Shuanglin winding control advantages
Shuanglin company made the great innovation on the processing and control of spiral pipe winding, which makes quite less defect product and higher efficiency production.  Thanks to the innovations, which solves the problem on
1.     Female end wind difficult at the starting time.
Solution1. Set parameters of the pipe structure, then the machine units synchronization running and produce the whole pipe.
2.      Single wall PP pipe starting and cut location control, just fit it on the machine, never experience again. Precision to 0.1 circular.
3.       Spiral pitch control.
Set pitch instead of manual checking and set.
4.       Single wall PP pipe cutting calculation, pre-calculation and cut, to guarantee the pipe end surface.
5.       Single wall PP pipe sending speed and tension auto control, makes the spiral born pipe surface good, and stiffness stable.
All these steps, no need on manual again.
Additionally, the formula can be repeated on the next pipe production.

Specializing in the production of plastic pipe extrusion production line, including PE PPR, PVC PERT, PEX, Pb EVOH, pex-al-pex, krah pipe extrusion, etc., as well as supporting auxiliary machines, accessories, tools and technical support

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Production Line of Embedded Flat Emitter Drip Irrigation Pipe


Production Line of Embedded Flat Emitter Drip Irrigation Pipe

1.Are you manufacturer or trading company?
We are manufacturer.

2.Why choose us?
We have 20 years experience for producing machine.
We can arrange for you to visit our local customer's factory.

3.Delivery time:
30 days.

4.Payment terms:
30% of total amount should be paid by T/T as down payment, the balance (70% of total amount) should be paid before delivery by T/T or irrevocable L/C(at sight).

5.After-sales service:    
Free Spare Parts ; 

Field installation,
commissioning and training ;   
Field maintenance and repair service ;    
Video/Online technical support.

1 year.

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