PVC Floor Spc Floor Making Machine Extrusion Line

SPC Floor Production line

1. recycled machine  1set

2. mixing equipment  1 set

   (1)hot and cold mixer 1000/3000 1set
   (2)vacuum loader  1set
   (3) unloading container 1set
  (4)screw loader for extruder  1set

3.Spc Flooring sheet extrusion line  1set

  (1)conical Twin screw extruder
  (2) T-Die ( W 970MM , T 4-8mm)
  (3)suppprt frame for T-Die
  (4)four roller calender
  (5)lamination device 
  (6)roller temperature controller
 (7)cooling bracket
 (8)trimming blade
(9)trimming blade
(10)haul off
(11)shear cutter
(12)auto stacker

production Process.

1)First compound the material according to the formula, then the compounded material will be   transported to the extruder, after the extruder, there is a T dies mould which is pretty important and will decide the shape of the pvc floor. After T-dies there is a three rollers calendaring machine and it can laminate the printing layer, wearing layer and base layer. The whole process is simple.

2) Raw material and formula.

2CaCO3300300 mesh
3Edge material/Recycle50 
4Ca-Zn Stabilizer5 
5PVC lubricant ZB-60 or ZB-740.8 
6PE wax0.6 
7CPE anti-impact modify agent(135-A)5 
8ACR modify agent  ACR ZB-20 ZB-13 
9PVC lubricant agent ZB-175 ZB-1011 
10Carbon black0.5Pigment

3) Utility and cost.
Labors:6~7 skilled workers every line
Compressed air:5kw
Water recycle system:5m*5m*2m water pool changed every three month
Price:(4mm base layer, printing layer, wearing layer 0.7mm)
Base layer:19.91 yuan/m2
Printing layer and wearing layer:1.1 yuan/m2
Total cost :22.6 yuan/m2
Capacity:21.6ton/2700m2 per day (24 hours)

PVC Floor Spc Floor Making Machine Extrusion LinePVC Floor Spc Floor Making Machine Extrusion LinePVC Floor Spc Floor Making Machine Extrusion Line


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