Realtop Concrete Machine Truck Mounted Boom Pump

The scope of application:

Applicable to the concrete pouring construction of the small towns and the rural market for construction of houses, water conservancy project, road, bridge and tunnel, workshop floor, nursing of slope, water and electricity engineering and so on.
1. According to the characteristics of rural roads choose well-known brands of domestic Dongfeng country IV chassis, the vehicle width 2.3 meters, large-scale lightweight design, vehicle size optimization to smaller meet problem of the narrow path of rural all limit;
2. The use of flexible comprehensive four sections M type design of the boom, achieve rapid fold and unfold of arm frame.
3. X type outrigger is designed with automatic hydraulic system, small occupied area, convenient construction site layout.
4. The pump ability is 60 cubic meters / hour, can be adjusted freely, free to control the efficiency of Construction.
5. New nation- four engine, up to more than 95% of the ceiling materials, high hydraulic control system and the energy consumption is decreased to the lowest to meet environmental protection.
6. Core components are used of domestic and international famous brands, high standard, good quality, low failure rate, the system is mature and stable, long life, high ratio of performance to price.
7. Circuit adopts integrated wiring harness, few fault points, high reliability, flexible man-machine exchange interface design, makes the operation more simple, remote fault diagnosis function, so that the maintenance repair, maintenance is more convenient.
Main models and technical parameters

Parameters modelsB-25B-28B-30
MachineOverall length(mm)9680987010520
Overall width(mm)230023002300
Overall height(mm)370037003700
Weight (ton)161919
Boom system
Vertical height(mm)24.527.830.1
Horizontal length(mm)2124.226.5
Vertical depth(mm)10.912.815.2
Main height of expansion(mm)
1st armLength(mm)666766677676
Angel range(°)909090
2nd armLength(mm)510061006090
Angel range(°)180180180
3rd armLength(mm)439053996100
Angel range(°)245245245
4th armLength(mm)485958506635
Angel range(°)210210230
Slewing range(°)±360±360±360
Front supporting legs horizontal span(mm)540056005850
Back supporting legs horizontal span(mm)344044405420
Pumping systemMax. Thor. Pressure of concrete delivery(Mpa)8813
Max. concrete output(M3)545454
Hydraulic systemOpenOpenOpen
System pressure(Mpa)31.531.531.5
Oil box cubage(L)320320320
Tank volume(L)260260260
Cylinder diameterØ200 x 1250Ø200 x 1250Ø200 x 1250
Pipe diameterØ125Ø125Ø125
ChassisChassis modelEQ1168GSZ4DJEQ1168GSZ4DJEQ1168GSZ4DJ
Engine modelYC4E160-4SYC4E160-4SYC4E160-4S
Engine power(KW)132132132
Engine displacement(L)
Emission standardState IVState IVState IV
Fuel capacity(L)260260260
Max. Speed(KM/H)909090
Braking distance≤10m/30≤10m/30≤10m/30