Scrap Recycling Printed Circuit Board E Waste Shredder Machine

Product Description

Company's new R & D winnowing of the circuit board recycling machine is using dry crushing and grinding the waste or scrap circuit board materials into metal and non metal fiber resin powder mixture. 

In order to prevent the dust pollution in the process, we researched and developed wind separation circuit board recycling machine, by using cyclone dust collector, combined with pulse dust collector can effectively solve the problem of dust pollution, it reached the national standard.
The main features of circuit board recycling machine: 
Low noise, no water, no dust pollution, high recovery, save power and resources, no waste, 97% metal and non-metallic full recovery and utilization.
Circuit board recycling machine working principle
Circuit board and other raw materials after crushing, grinding, grading the silo mixture of metal and non metal mixture into the wind separator, the separation zone and then enters the separator, the separator connect dust removal system and form horizontal airflow, make the material horizontal moving, at the same time as the material gravity, the material produce the vertical downward movement, because of different proportion of different mixed materials, through separation plate separator, a lesser proportion of the fine dust particles and other non-metallic materials are taken by the dust removal system away, heavy metal materials by grading board enter into product recovery zone. Finally PCB recycling plant reaches the separation between metal and non-metal.
Computer PCB, motherboards, LED mobile phone PCB, washing machine PCB, induction cooker PCB, air conditioner PCB, leftover material, scrap circuit board, copper clad laminate, etc.

Product Parameters

Technical parameters of  circuit board recycling machine



PCB circuit boards recycling plant








3 persons

Separation efficiency



380v/50hz or customize

Product Picture

Scrap Recycling Printed Circuit Board E Waste Shredder MachineScrap Recycling Printed Circuit Board E Waste Shredder MachineScrap Recycling Printed Circuit Board E Waste Shredder Machine


Enterprise Cooperation

Scrap Recycling Printed Circuit Board E Waste Shredder Machine


1. How long is the product warranty period ?
A: the product warranty period is 12 months since shipping date.
2. I am a foreign customers, if the machine works wrong, how your company solved ?
A: We have professional engineers abroad, after receiving your request, we will solve your problems at first time.
3.Where can we buy the machine's parts?
A: Our company can provide machine`s parts for your any time.
4.What's the trade terms and payment terms?
A:We usually quotated for FOB/Ex-work/CIF price.Payment TT in advance/paypal account/wester union....
5. Voltage in your country(price here based on 380v,50hz,3phase )? 
A:220v/240v/380v/440v/480v or other customized available