Screw Mud Pump for Oilfield Drilling

Screw Mud Pump for Oilfield Drilling
Product Description

Mono pump, or Screw pump is an ideal device for liquid feeding of centrifuge. It mainly consists of a screw shaft (the rotor) and a screw case (the stator). The two parts' special geometrical shape can respectively produce squeezing force, so that the waste liquid can flow along with the shaft, keeping low internal flow rate, stable volume and pressure, hence vortex and stirring won't be generated. The screw of the pump is made of stainless steel, also, we provide screw pump with overall stainless steel body;
The speed of the screw pump can be adjusted through controlling the coupler or the variable-speed motor. The screw pump is driven by the triangle V-shale belt or the gearbox. BBG series screw pump has characteristics of less components, compatible structure, small overall size, and easy maintenance. The rotor and the stator and other vulnerable parts can be replaced easily. The rotor is made of artificial rubber. The pump has advantage over other pumps in terms of passing on high-viscosity waste slurry that contains hard suspended solids.

Detailed Photos

Screw Mud Pump for Oilfield DrillingScrew Mud Pump for Oilfield Drilling

Product Parameters
ModelFlow ratePressurePowerInletOutletEx StandardWeightDimension
BBG10A-04010m3/h0.3MPA4KW33ExdIIBt4  /  IECEX  /  A-TEX245kg2245×320×550mm
BBG20A-05520 m3/h5.5KW33323KG2450×340×562mm
BBG30A-07530 m3/h7.5KW44386kg2761×370×600mm
BBG40A-11040 m3/h11KW55454kg3270×370×665mm
BBG50A-11050 m3/h11KW55608kg3790×400×782mm
BBG60A-11550 m3/h15KW55649kg3322×550×740mm
BBG70A-22070 m3/h22KW66875kg3740×420×785mm
BBG80A-22080 m3/h22KW66875kg3740×420×785mm
BBG90A-22090 m3/h22KW66875kg3740×420×785mm