Seal Pot Sanitizing Wipes Automatic POF Shrink Packaging Machine

Seal pot sanitizing wipes automatic POF shrink packaging machine
POF film automatic heat shrink packaging machine is a multifunctional commodity packaging machinery, can reduce many procedures in the work, the cumbersome product packaging system is simplified and automated, but also can reduce the enterprise's comprehensive production cost, for the enterprise has brought greater benefits. 
Seal Pot Sanitizing Wipes Automatic POF Shrink Packaging Machine

Seal Pot Sanitizing Wipes Automatic POF Shrink Packaging Machine

The intelligent, standardized and universal structure design makes the machine stable and reliable in the long run. It is convenient and easy to change packing size according to product specification.FLB-4555A is a fully automatic L type scissors sealing and cutting knife heat shrink film packaging machine, it is our company's highest cost performance and best sales of traditional sealing and cutting packaging machine. It has the following's technical features:

  1. The optimization of the control system ensures smooth packing and convenient operation.

  2. Multiple photoelectric protection detection function, use more safe and efficient.

  3. Adopting internationally renowned electrical components, the sealing and cutting process is environmental protection, ensuring the high quality and high performance of the packaging machine.

  4. The use of horizontal and vertical two groups of photoelectric eye switching convenient, especially for thin or small products can be easily completed packaging.

  5. With the most advanced PLC programming, easy to operate, but also security and alarm functions. Prevent the occurrence of man-machine injury accidents.

  6. This model of our company is especially suitable for the packaging of mask boxes.

    Technical Parameters  
    Voltage220V/50HZ3PH, 380V
    Power Supply1.8KW15KW
    Air requirement4.5-6kg/cm2---
    Net Weight450KG270KG
    Max. Package Height<130mmL1200*W350*H160mm
    Max. Package Lengthproduct length+product height+ product height*1/2<550mm---
    Max. Package  Widthproduct width+product height+ product height*1/2<450mm---
    Machine Size(L*W*H)L1850*W990*H1600 (mm)L1800*W700*H1430mm
    Maximum Film Width22"---
    Minimum Film Width8"---
    Sealing Cutter SizeW450*L550(mm)---
    Furnace Size(L*W*H)---L1500*W450*H200mm
    Packing Speed10-30 packs/minute0-15 m/min

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Seal Pot Sanitizing Wipes Automatic POF Shrink Packaging Machine

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