Shanghai Electric Group Produce Resistance Furnace

Shanghai Electric Group produce Resistance Furnace

The series of product specifications is complete, the heating element is resistance wire, laboratory and research enterprise for powder metal sintering heat treatment or heating.

The heating element is resistance wire, whose Max. Operation temperature is 1000 or 1200.
1. He heating-up time from the room temperature to the max operation temperature is no more than 60 min, the precision of temperature control is no more than ± 1.5.
2. The diameter of furnace covers 40mm to 100mm, and the heated length is between 400mm to 1000mm.

3. The excellent ceramic textile fiber inner line and suitable furnace structure, is able to reduce the consumption of power greatly. The heating consumption is only 60% to the conventional furnace, and the consumption of power is only 50_60%to no-load furnace.
4. The controller is equipped with SCR/PID to set the heating rate, which makes it possible for the consistency and repeating of any experiment, interface RS 485 help the customers to control the furnace and record the data in long distance.

5. The temperature can be controlled by multipoint, and customers can choose any temperature gradient.
6. There are spare pipes of various kinds of materials for vacuum or protective gas.
7. The connection between furnace body and electric controller has been completed before leaving plant, and the products can be put into work after the power is on.

Shanghai Electric Group Produce Resistance Furnace