Silica Sand for Glass Production, Glass Sand Processing Line

silica sand for glass production, glass sand processing line

Preliminary consideration of the beneficiation process of this beneficiation production line is:

Silica Sand for Glass Production, Glass Sand Processing Line

Equipment Introduction

1.GTYZ circular vibrating screen

Silica Sand for Glass Production, Glass Sand Processing Line

1. Circular vibrating screen: the excitation force can be adjusted at any time, which is convenient for modular design and use

2. The sieving machine structure trend is simplified, and it is reasonable to improve the equipment manufacturing technology level and equipment accuracy.

3. Screening machine has high screening efficiency, large processing capacity and long service life.

4. Pre-selected particles, turf, tree roots and other impurities larger than 4 mesh to improve production efficiency and quality.

2.sand scrubbing machine

Silica Sand for Glass Production, Glass Sand Processing Line

1. It is mainly used for the separation of slime and the removal of surface impurities. Pressurized scrubbing will purify the crushing rate, impurities, and non-rounded materials in advance, so as to reduce the crushing rate and purification.

2. Mild scrubbing, unique trough structure and impeller configuration, the scrubbing strength is improved by about 30% compared with the traditional scrubber with the same specifications.

3. Wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, the tank is lined, and the impeller is made of wear-resistant materials, which has high corrosion resistance and wear resistance.

3.Rod mill
Function: Grind the material through the frictional impact between the grinding medium and the material, so as to grind the product to the required particle size of 20-140 mesh.
Operation process: 1. Check whether the static position of each part of the mill has changed, whether the anchor bolts are loose; 2. Check the slow transmission part; 3. Confirm that the lubricating oil station has been put into operation, and the valve is in place; 4. Check whether the cooling water supply is in place Smooth and adjustable; 5. Check the pneumatic clutch air circuit system; 6. Check the jet lubrication system; 7. Check whether the power supply and voltage value are within the specified range, and the electric instrument interlock signal display is correct; 8. Check whether the feed inlet is damaged; 9. Check whether the environment is barrier-free and whether hidden dangers have been eliminated; 10. PLC is put into operation; 11. Start the lubricating oil device; 12. The "Allow the main motor to start" indication on the PLC changes from "red" to "green". Press the "Start main motor" button on the control cabinet; 13. After the main motor is running normally, switch the "Allow clutch start" indication on the PLC from "red" to "green", and press the "Start mill" button; 14. High voltage The oil pump automatically stops running 10 minutes after the mill starts;15. Put into use jet lubrication device, put into operation air cooling oil station electric control box. Turn "Manual" and "Auto" into "Auto". "Oil Controller 2" is higher than 40ºC, and the oil pump stops when it is lower than 40ºC. "Oil Controller 1" will start when the temperature is higher than 50ºC, and stop when it is lower than 50ºC; 16. After the rod mill is put into operation, check for abnormal noise, odor and other abnormal phenomena, and confirm that it is normal before allowing feeding; 17 There must be personnel on duty during the start-up process. When any abnormal phenomenon or automatic alarm or tripping is found in any of the above steps, it must be shut down and checked immediately. Before the fault is completely clarified and eliminated, no trial restart is allowed.

4.GTS Desliming equipment
Desliming the raw ore.
The preliminary separation of mud, sand, water, and so on reduces the water content in the material and reduces the pressure for the dewatering screen in the next step.

5.GSS hindered  settlement machine
Silica Sand for Glass Production, Glass Sand Processing LineIntroduction: The main function is to separate the 20-mesh coarse product. The mixture of sand and water is fed from the upper part through a feeding trough, and moves downwards in the cylinder under the action of gravity. There is a porous water spray plate at the lower part of the cylinder, and the rising water flow interacts with the falling solid particles to gradually form In a fluidized bed, particles of different sizes will fall or move upwards at the hindered drop speed under the volume concentration. With the help of an electronic pressure sensor, the pressure status of the sulfide bed can be measured and the opening of the discharge valve can be automatically adjusted. So as to ensure accurate classification according to the required separation

6.GSF hydraulic classifier

Silica Sand for Glass Production, Glass Sand Processing Line

1. The material is subjected to the rising water flow in the cylinder, and the particle size is classified according to the specific gravity classification, which has high production efficiency and low energy consumption.

2. Equipped with an automatic control system, the adjustment of the operating parameters is simple, convenient and easy to control

3. The water tank below the cylinder is equipped with special devices. When the water is stopped, the ascending water hole is automatically closed, and the material in the cylinder will not block the water hole and enter the water tank

7. GTGB high gradient magnetic separator
Silica Sand for Glass Production, Glass Sand Processing Line

It uses 4500GS-15000GS permanent magnet magnetic block. The material passes through the belt and the magnetic material is adsorbed. Then the belt rotates to separate the raw material from the magnetic material. It mainly reduces the crushing rate and acid solubility.

8.High gradient vertical ring magnetic separator
Silica Sand for Glass Production, Glass Sand Processing Line
Basic introduction: Strong magnetic separation equipment with strong usability at present. The machine uses swivel vertical rotation, recoil concentrate, and is equipped with a high-frequency vibration mechanism. It has the advantages of large enrichment ratio, high adaptability to the fluctuation of feeding particle size, concentration and grade, good work efficiency, convenient operation and maintenance, etc.

9. GTTS dewatering screen
Silica Sand for Glass Production, Glass Sand Processing Line

It is used to wash and dehydrate the ore. Because the water content after the finished product is too high, it needs to be dewatered through a dewatering screen to reduce the water to a controllable range. The reduction of the water content can improve the efficiency of the dryer.

10. Environmental protection circulating water treatment

1.Waste water 2. Settling pond 3. Sediment 4. Regular cleaning 5.Sludge drying plant

6.Coagulation tank 7. Coagulant 8. Sedimentation tank 9. Filter press 10. Clear water pool

11. Recycling or meeting discharge standards 12. Outward transportation landfill

Flocculation sedimentation method in physical and chemical method: After the primary sedimentation of the washing wastewater, the large particulate matter in the wastewater is removed, and the effluent enters the coagulation reaction tank. The pollutants dissolved in the water body polymerize to form larger aggregate flocs (commonly known as "alum flowers"). Because the proportion of the "alum flowers" is greater than 1, it precipitates at the bottom of the water body under its own gravity, so Separation of pollutants from water bodies
Silica Sand for Glass Production, Glass Sand Processing Line

Silica Sand for Glass Production, Glass Sand Processing Line
Company introduction
Silica Sand for Glass Production, Glass Sand Processing Line
Silica Sand for Glass Production, Glass Sand Processing Line
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