Single Cylinder Rotary Cooler for Rotary Kiln Cooling

Single Cylinder Rotary Cooler For Rotary Kiln Cooling 

Introduction of rotary cooler
Rotary Cooler is the key equipment of the material calcination line, The rotary Cooler is used to cool the high temperature calcinated material from the rotary kiln, The material temperature will low down to < 200 degree after the air heating exchange through Cooler rotation movement.
Structure of rotary cooler
 Rotary Cooler has simple structure, high efficient operation, easy to maintenance etc advantages. Rotary Kiln is widely used in building , chemical , metallurgy industries. It is matched with rotary kiln, The normal installation slope is 3.5%. The material will feed into the rotary Cooler from the higher side of the cylinder under the low speed operation. The lifting plate inside the Cooler will elve, fling and move down the cooling material, then cooled material will come out from cooler cylinder low size.
Advantages of rotary cooler
1).Rotay cooler can be heated direct or indirect; the heating efficiency can be up to 95%
2).Rotary cooler operating under high temperature and low oxygen to avoid materials being self burning or exploding when drying. Big drying capacity, highly industrialization and low cost
3).Low amount of air required to save tail gas handling cost rotary cooler is a kind of quench cooler.Its principle is to quench clinker which is laid in levels on the grate plates with cold wind from air blower.Temperature of clinker will be rapidly dropped from 1200°C to be less than 100°C.Plenty of waste gases after cooling could not only be used as secondary air in the kiln,but also be heat source for drying coal in the coal mill.

Single Cylinder Rotary Cooler for Rotary Kiln Cooling

Rotary cooler technical parameters:

modelcylindermotorspeed reducer type
Φ1.2x2022.64-5 YCT225-4B15ZQ500
Φ1.5x14  24.93-55YCT225-4B15ZQ650

Single Cylinder Rotary Cooler for Rotary Kiln Cooling
Single Cylinder Rotary Cooler for Rotary Kiln Cooling

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