Small Capacity Automation Copper Granulator for Recycling Copper Wires

Scrap Wire Cooper Granulator

Product Description

Automation Copper Granulator is a professional dry separation of waste wire and cable production line.The Automation copper wire recycling machine has unique and new structure, large production capacity, low  power consumption.The high rate of separation, a first feeding, multi machine collaboration. All controlled  by PLC, in the domestic leading level. Automation Copper Granulator is a professional dry separation of scrap wire and cable production line.
For example: the old car electric lines, communication cables, and the wire stripping machine is not suitable for processing (various civil wire)waste miscellaneous cables, silk thread, etc. The characteristics of this automation copper wire recycling machine is the size of the line there is no need separation of classification can be broken at the same time, new, unique structure, large capacity, low power consumption. High separation rate, one feeding, multimachine collaboration. All controlled by PLC, in the domestic leading level. The successful development of the machine,  solve the problems arising from the burning method for copper, and can improve the quality of the recovery of copper, and plastic can be recycled, at the same time solve the environment pollution.

Product Parameters

Capacity (KG/H)
Power (KW)
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Product Feature

Small Capacity Automation Copper Granulator for Recycling Copper Wires
Scrap Wire Copper Granulator

Features of Automation Copper Granulator :
After the crushing processing of wire and cable, automatic mechanical separation, can completely separate the copper and plastic, and achieve the comprehensive utilization, has high economic benefit .And no dust, no secondary pollution. In addition , the device is the overall composite structure, easy to install and debug, and transport . Customer only need to turn on the power supply to start the production, stable performance.

1. High separation efficiency can reach 99%
2. Easy to operate , very convenient
3. Save labor , only need 1-2 workers to operate
4. Price is cheap , economical and practical
5. It's professional dry separation type , no need water
6. Integration machine , simple and save space

Besides , the crusher, separation equipment and dust collecting equipment use platform modular, to facilitate movement and transport equipment, increase the flexibility of the equipment.Crusher rotor use alternating knife shaft, make the production more efficient and lower noise, more stable operation.Air separation equipment separation rate is as high as 97 ~ 99%.Back feeding system make the semi-finished products of secondary crushing, guarantee the complete separation of metal and nonmetal. Dust bag collecting equipment can effectively control overflow, dust removal efficiency is as high as 99.99%

Small Capacity Automation Copper Granulator for Recycling Copper WiresSmall Capacity Automation Copper Granulator for Recycling Copper Wires
1. How long is the product warranty period ?
A: The product warranty period is 12 months

2. I am a foreign customers, if the machine works wrong, how your company resolved ?
A: We have professional engineers abroad, after receiving your request, we will solve your problems at first time.

3. How much is MOQ of your machine?
A: Our machines MOQ is 1 set and also support the mixed batch.

4. Where can we buy the machine's parts?
A: Our company can provide machine`s parts for your any time

5. How can we get the quotation?
A: First send the detailed requirement to my email,such as capacity, power consumption, the recovery rate etc.Then,we send a process flow(including the introduction of whole recycling production line, flow chart,configuration of the device,and the technical parameters) to you according to your requirement. Until you agree to our plan, we will send quotation to you.

6.What's the trade terms and payment terms?
A: We usually quote for FOB/Ex-work/CIF price.Payment we can accept TT in advance/paypal account/western union.

Small Capacity Automation Copper Granulator for Recycling Copper Wires