Small Scale Lab 2L Spray Dryer Machine



1.rapid dry 
2.simplify the process 
3.easily operation 
4.good fluidity 




Spray drying is the technology most widely used in the liquid technology shaping and in the drying industry.The drying technology is most suitable for producing solid powder or particle products from liquid materials,such as:solution, emulsion, suspension and  paste-state liquid materials, For this reason,when the particle size and distribution of the final products, residual water contents, mass density and the particle shape must meet the precise standard, spray drying is one of the most desired technologies.


Working Principle


After been filtered and heated the air enters into the air distrbutor on the top of the dryer.The hot air enters into the drying room in the spiral form and uniformly. Passing through the high-speed centrifugal sprayer on the top of the tower,the material liquid will rotate and be sprayed into the extremely fine mist liquid beads.Throug the very short time of contacting the heat air,the materials can be dried into the final products.The final products will be discharged continuously from the bottom of the drying tower and from the cyclones. The waste gas will be discharged from blower.



Technical parameters


inlet temperature °C140-350 automatically controlled
outlet temerature °C~80-90
Max.water evaporation capacity52550100150200-2000
centrifugal spraying nozzle transmission modecompressed air transmissionMechanical transmission
Rotation speed rpm25000180001800018000150008000-15000
sprayingdesc diameter mm50100120140150180-340
Heat supplyElectricityElectricity+steamElectricity+steam,fuel oil and gasSettled by users themselves
Max.Electric heating power kw936638199 
overall dimensions m1.8×0.93 
Depends on the concrete conditions
Dried powder restoring tate %≥95≥95≥95≥95≥95≥95
Note:For the water evaporation capacity, material property,the inlet and outlet tempratures,please refer the following diagram for reference.




1, Chemical Industry: Sodium fluoride(potassium),alkaline dyestuff and pigment, dyestuff intermediate, compound fertilizer, formic silicic acid, catalyst, sulphuric acid agent, amino acid, white carbon and so on. 
2, Plastics and resin: AB,ABS emulsion,uric acid resin,phenolic aldehyde resin,urea-formaldehyde resin,formaldehyde resin,polythene,poly-chlotoprene and etc. 
3, Food Industry: Fatty milk powder,protein,cocoa milk powder,substitute milk powder,egg white(yolk),food and plant,oats,chicken juice,coffee,instant dissoluble tea,seasoning meat,protein,soybean,peanut protein,hydrolysate and so forth.
Sugar, corn syrup, corn starch, glucose, pectin, malt sugar, sorbic acid potassium and etc. 
4, Ceramic: aluminium oxide,ceramic tile material,magnesium oxide,talcum and so on. 
Small Scale Lab 2L Spray Dryer Machine small

scale lab spray dryer machine

Product description:

The small spray dryer is suitable for the production of micro-particle powder in universities, research institutes and food and pharmaceutical chemical enterprises. It has wide applicability to all solutions such as emulsions and suspensions. It is suitable for the drying of heat sensitive materials such as biological products. Biological pesticides, enzyme preparations, etc. Since the ejected material is subjected to high temperature and is instantaneously heated only when sprayed into a mist, these active materials maintain their active ingredients after drying.

Specifically used in the following areas: beverages and pigments, milk and egg products, plant and vegetable extracts, pharmaceutical synthesis, heat sensitive materials, plastic polymers and resin fragrances, blood products, ceramics and superconducting biochemicals, dyes, soaps and detergents, food additives, oxide bone powder. And tooth powder and so on.




Original imported nozzles with high efficiency.

Color large touch screen operation, automatic control and manual control, Chinese and English panel, parameter LCD display.

Real-time regulation of PID constant temperature control technology, accurate temperature control, heating temperature control accuracy ± 1° C.

The spray, drying and collecting device is made of transparent high-quality high-temperature borosilicate glass, and the whole process of spray drying can be seen.

The atomization structure of the two-fluid spray is made of high-precision 316 stainless steel material. The diameter of the powder spray is normally distributed and the fluidity is good.

The jet is automatically unblocked (through the needle) and the frequency is adjustable. When the nozzle is blocked, it will be automatically cleared to ensure the continuity of the experiment.

 The feed amount can be adjusted by the feed peristaltic pump.

Special protection function, the fan does not start, the heater can not start.

 Built-in imported oil-free air compressor, the noise is less than 50db.

Equipped with air inlet filter to ensure the sample is pure.

After drying, the granularity is uniform, and more than 95% of the dry powder is in the same granularity.

  Small Scale Lab 2L Spray Dryer Machine
Small Scale Lab 2L Spray Dryer Machine
Small Scale Lab 2L Spray Dryer Machine


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