Stainless Steel Belt Laser Welder for Enamel Cover

JSH-BXGQ-Z30 automatic capacitive energy spot welding machine features:
      Energy storage spot welding, also known as capacitive energy storage spot welding, energy storage machines, is the use of commercial power frequency AC rectifier to rectify the capacitor charge, the stored energy and then discharged by the welding transformer into a low voltage, The energy is more concentrated and stable pulse current, welding resistance welding heat generated by the contact point of the workpiece to weld the metal. The main advantages of energy storage spot welding are: energy-saving and efficient, access to the power from the instantaneous low power, high power factor, small impact on the power grid, energy saving, output voltage stability, consistency; solid welding, solder joints no discoloration, Save sanding process.
JSH-BXGQ-Z30 automatic capacitive energy spot welding Introduction:
automatic frequency stainless steel ring spot welding machine, is the only one of the most advanced stainless steel ring welding equipment
has a stable and beautiful body structure, accessories are used Delta, Asia-off passenger, Omron and other world-renowned brand name products
It is a fully automatic stainless steel ring IF spot welding equipment specially designed for enamel stainless steel parts manufacturers with high efficiency! high quality! High energy! low cost! And simple operation, easy maintenance and so on