Stainless Steel Coil and Steel Sheet Combined Line of Slitting and Cut to Length

The combined line of slitting and cut to length introduction:                       

This line combined the slitting line and the cut to length line. It can slit the steel the same as the cut to length. Besides, it also can firstly slitting, cut to length, and stack.(called steel unloading machine)

Our combined line has many patent technologies. Automatic centering uncoiler guarantees the coil automatic centering to the mill center. The mill can smoothly manufacture. Hydraulic coil positioning device can put the steel in the right position. The steel can smoothly move to the tensioner and the separate slice. It decreases the manual intervention and improves the production efficiency. The steel ends bending device can guarantee that the steel end is clamped with the jaw to improve the reliability of the jaw. Hydraulic independent jaw can fix the steel. The intelligent steel unloading carriage sends the stacking steel out of the machine etc.


The combined line of slitting and cut to length model:

No.ModelSteel thickness(mm)Coil width



Cutting speed



Installment capacity






The combined line of slitting and cut to length process:            

Coil preparing→coil loading carriage→uncoiler→steel detaching(steel leading, shoveler,steel straightening)→pinching and precise leveller(including encoder length measuring)→Hydraulic cutter→Centering vertical roller and protective roller →circle shear→scraps recoiling→pre-seperating steel throwing and accumulator device →steel arrangement and stacking machine →steel delivery device and fixed separating head →steel ends bending device →Tensioner→recoiler (including movable separating head, coil pushing device, manual packing machine)→coil unloading carriage