Stainless Steel Steam Heating Double Effect Concentrator

Double Effect Concentrator

The equipment is suitable to concentrate Chinese traditional drug, western drug, dextrose, amylum, monosodium glutamate, food and milk products, and chemical materials
It is especially suitable to concentrate thermal sensitive materials under low temperature and vacuum.
After our improvement on the design, the current model has more advantages than previous model.
Many kinds of concentrating capacity for being chosen.

Character and Profit:

  1. Energy-saving: take model SJN-1000 as example, saves respectively in terms of vapor, water and electric per year are about 3,500/90,000 tons and 80,000W, equals to RMB100,000 to 150,000.
  2. The heating way is external circulation steam heating, the concentration is under vacuum negative pressure, which makes a fast concentration speed, the concentration proportion can be 1.2-1.35.
  3. The first and second effect are concentrating at the same time, the vapor after first effect is used again at second effect, saves the vapor, compares to the single effect concentrator, the energy consumption is 50% less, client can recover the equipment investment by the energy saving fee less than one year.
  4. Multi-functional character: 1) the concentration of recovered alcohol is about 80%; 2) The output of first effect and second effect can be at same time; 3) Batch input or continuous input are both ok.
  5. Because of the special design, the product concentrated has advantages like strong flavour, well-proportioned quality. The material is concentrated under hermetic foamless condition, no leakage and less pollution, the material intraday is concentrated intraday, noncaking, easy cleaning(open heater's top and bottom lid to clean), saves labor force, one people can operate.
  6. Material of parts that contact product are SUS304(or SUS316L) material, the heater and evaporator are with temperature insulation layer, the temperature insulation material is PU foam, the finish of external surface is satin finish, meets GMP pharmaceutical standard.

Technical Parameters:

Evaporating capacity( kg/h)6001200170021003100
Steam pressure(Mpa)0.09
Steam consumption( kg/h)25050075010001500
Circulating water  consumption(T/h)612151820
1st Evaporating TEMP(ºC)80-90
2nd Evaporating TEMP(ºC)55-70
1st Vacuum degree(Mpa)-0.06
2nd Vacuum degree(Mpa)-0.08
Vessel typeNormal pressure vessel

Product Photos:
Stainless Steel Steam Heating Double Effect Concentrator
Stainless Steel Steam Heating Double Effect Concentrator
Stainless Steel Steam Heating Double Effect Concentrator
Stainless Steel Steam Heating Double Effect Concentrator
Warranty: One year after receiving equipment, offer life long after sale service.
Installation and commissioning: We can send professional engineer to install and commission the equipment.
Maintenance services: any malfunction happened, once you enquiry us, we will reply you within 24 hours except the special reasons.
Inspection:  the third party inspection company or yourself to inspect the products before shipment.
Documentation: User manual, Maintenance manual, Equipment test report, etc.

1.  Are you a factory or trading company?
We are a factory

2.  How long is the warranty period?
One year

3. What's the main market of your company?
We have customers all over the world

4.What's your delivery time?
Normally it is around 30 days, the exact time depends on product type and quantity.

5. What's the payment terms?
TT, LC, etc

6. Can we visit your factory?
Welcome to visit our factory!

7. Where is your factory? How can we go there?
Our factory locates at Wenzhou city, Zhejiang Province, who is very near the airport, you can take the plane to Wenzhou airport and we will go to airport to pick up you.

Stainless Steel Steam Heating Double Effect Concentrator
Stainless Steel Steam Heating Double Effect Concentrator