Stainless Steel Wire Heat Treatment Annealing Furnace

1. Specification of Annealing Heat Treatment
1.1. Wire Specification & Required technical

  1. Steel Wire: 0.45% ~ 0.95% Carbon
  2. Wire Diameter: 1.5~4.5mm
  3. DV Value: 90mm*m/min
  4. Wire Number: 24
  5. Max. Speed: 45m/min (2.00mm)
  6. Wire Pitch in Furnace: 40mm
  7. Height of Furnace Heating Tube: 950mm
  8. Wire Heating Fuel: LPG Burning
  9. Oxidation Loss: <=0.2%
  10. Steel Wire Tensile Difference: ±20MPA
  11. Heating Zone: 5-Zone
  12. Temp. Control: HONEYWELL

1.2. Gas & Electricity Supply

  1. Gas Burner Heating Rate 23000×4.18KJ/CBM
  2. Connecting Point Pressure: 0.03MPA
  3. Connecting Tube Joint: DN-50
  4. Electricity Supply: 380V50HZ3P

1.3. Parameter of Annealing Furnace & Lead QuenchingStainless Steel Wire Heat Treatment Annealing Furnace

No.Description ItemData
1Length of Furnace7Meter - 20Meter
2Width of FurnaceInside 1160mm, outside 2084mm
3Gas Burning Heating Zone2-5-Zone
4Temperature Control Zone6-Zone
5Working Temperature1050-1150ºC
6Gas Burner Number30unit
7Max. Heating Capacity60×100×4.18KG/h
8Design Heating Capacity48×100×4.18KG/h
9Temperature of oven shell35ºC + indoor temperature
10Output Capacity2157.84KG/Hour (@DV=90, 2.70mm)
11 15536.45Ton/Year (@7200-Hours, φ2.70mm)