Straightening Plate Grid (Material Casting Iron)

Jiangyin Zhenglun Industries Co., Ltd., the new-established export company of Jiangyin Tongjia Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., focuses its business scope on custom-made steel fabrication & assembly projects according to clients' drawings for heavy industries, especially but ont only metallurgy industry. Our factory has stable cooperation relationship, since establishment in 2006, with Danieli - one of the three biggest metallurgy machinery suppliers in the world. The factory covers an area of 13000 square meters and has 4 workshops of 10000 square meters in total. Our team also has rich experience with orders from SMS Group, South African custom-made spiral welded pipe mill & auxiliary equipments, Australian custom-made mining equipments, and so on.

The ideal clients we seek for include:
1. Engineering companies who have design & drawings of machines and are looking for a factory partner to manufacture according to their drawings.
2. Machinery manufacturers who want a sub-contractor to produce their products as per their design and guidance at lower prices.
3. Machinery users who need a factory to supply spare parts as per their drawings.

We have NDA (Non-disclosure Agreement) with every client and promise that we'll never sell, copy, reproduce or pass clients' design & drawings to any third party without their written consent.

We are also able to design and manufacture hydraulic & electric control system for our clients. Professional engineers are available for overseas installation, commissioning and repairs.

If you are looking for a manufacturing partner who can bring your drawings of machinery into reality at competitive prices and with good quality, please send your drawings to us for quoting.

Welcome to Zhenglun Industries & Tongjia Machinery!

Hardness test:

Straightening Plate Grid (Material Casting Iron)