Submersible Centrifugal Aerator (QXBL) , 0.75-22kw

Submersible Centrifugal Aerator (QXBL) , 0.75-22kw

Submersible aerators are used in aeration tanks and aeration depositing tanks of waste water treatment plants. They oxygenate the mixture of waste water and sludge and treat the water by biochemistry or oxygenate the breeding pools. Air input: 10-100m3/h, oxygenation capacity: 0.35-8.20kgo2/h, motor power: 0, 75-7.5kw.

Identification codes
Qxb- qxb- centrifuge submersible aerator - motor power (kw) qsb- qsb- jet submersible aerator - motor power (kw).

1. Compact structure, small area occupied, easy to install;
2. Except for the air inlet, all the parts are in water and noise level is very low;
3. More air intake, more and small bubble produced and high oxygen dissolution;
4. Not necessary to provide air source, no air blower and engineering cost is fairly low;
5. ABS submersible technology imported from Germany is adopted. The flow channel of the impeller is adopted of blockless and the operation is safer and more reliable.

Structure and operation principle
The submersible aerator is composed of submersible pump, mixing compartment, pedestal, air inlet tube, muffler, etc. For the air inlet tube, the upper side is the air inlet above the water surface and the lower side is connected to the mixing compartment. When the electric power is switched on, the impeller shall rotate and the water shall flow out of the impeller outlet. It shall result in minus pressure in the mixing compartment and air shall enter to mix the liquid. The mixture shall flow out from periphery to fulfill the process to oxygenate the liquid.

Power kw0.751.52.2345.57.5111518.522
Current A2.445.87.89.8121724323945
Voltage V380/400/415
Speed r/min1470
Frequency Hz50/60
Insulation gradeF
Max. diving depth m2233333455.56
Air input m3/h102235507585100160200260320
The aeration quantity of fresh water is kgO2/H in the standard state0.3711.82.753.85.38.213171924


Performance parameters of QSB series deepwater automatic inhale submerged jet aerator


Power kw0.751.52.2345.57.5
Current A2.93.756.48.212.416.3
Voltage V380/400/415
Speed r/min2900290029002900290014501450
Frequency Hz50/60
Insulation gradeF
Air input m3/h102235507585100
Oxygenation able kgO2/h0.501.
Inlet branch caliber mm32325050505050

Submersible Centrifugal Aerator (QXBL) , 0.75-22kw