TPA Series Automatic Dry Powder Compacting Press

TPA Series Automatic Dry Powder Compacting Press

General Description

This series of automatic dry powder compacting equipments adopt most of the parts introduced from Germany.

1. Suppress journey, drawing of patterns journey, carry journey of keeping, feed journey, suppress speed can have magnitude change in advance

2. Have the year adjustable strength in advance of drift, in order to avoid and keep products take place phenomenon of damaging on the drawing of the patterns.

3. Powder move function guarantee and pigeonhole weight and precision of size of products under the material...

4. Give material shake function and feed function make mould feed all over and even in advance

Suppress strength the most greatly450KN
Greatest drawing of patterns strength 450KN
Have the journey of pressing th head170mm
Heavy to feed highly the most140mm
Suppress the journey0-55mm
Drawing of patterns of journey0-85mm
Carry the journey of pressing0-15mm
Feed in advace the journey0-10mm
Powder move highly heaviest under the material0-8mm
Suppress the number of times10-24 times/min
Power of the power3N-380V 11KW
Weight of the machine5200 kg
External dimension(L× W× H)  2100× 1400× 3000 mm

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