Tsh-35p Small Twin Screw Extruder for Laboratory

TSH-30P Small Twin Screw Extruder for Laboratory

Tsh-35p Small Twin Screw Extruder for Laboratory

Product Specification

60044.8 2~15

About Products
Special Laboratory: TSH-16, 20, 30 models using integrated mode, all systems are installed on the main base, as long as access to power and water can be put into use. 
Technical characteristics:
TSH Series Co-rotating Twin Screw Extruder are widely used in the compounding modification field, like the filling,reinforcement,toughening of plastics, engineer plastics and thermoplastics,and also for the special fibers and adhesive process.Main products are classified as TSH & TDH series,according to the max screw rpm and its torque rating.All models and parts have been upgraded with modernize CNC equipment. Our customers will have whole products range to meet their unique requirements.
As the segment structure design, the equipment can be configured with different L/D,barrel designs,  screen changer, pelletizing system, and/or electric control, to best meet unique requirements of different process.Cause our better understanding of the different material, the screw configuration is designed  based on rich experience and software technology to accomplish the material conveying, plasticizing compounding,shear and dispersion and pressurization.
Screw elements, accurately designed with CNC technology, are fully intermeshed, providing self-cleaning and easy interchangeability.Upgrading accuracy and quality of the standard and high torque gear box. The special new type barrel structure and screw elements been manufactured with our powerful design experience.
About Company
Tsh-35p Small Twin Screw Extruder for Laboratory
Tenda , headquartered in Nanjing, China, is a global manufacturing and trading company in the field of high performance plastics and rubber processing equipment , extrusion solutions, masterbatch and compounding, etc. It is a professional manufacturer of twin screw extruder, single screw extruder ,two stage extruder and its related auxiliaries.We tailor solutions from raw materials, materials processing equipment, to injection for different customers. Each solution is designed , manufactured, and commissioned by experienced teams of professionals engineers and after sales staffs.
"High efficiency, energy-saving" is the company since its inception has been diligently pursue the goal, is the company adhere to the invariant features, to meet customer requirements, to create greater economic benefit and social benefit.
"Teng machinery" will strive to create superior machine quality, permanent service for you.
Our Customer
Tsh-35p Small Twin Screw Extruder for Laboratory
1.Why choose us? 
You can get a very fair price from us and our price can make you beat your competitors in the market.
Our products have obtained ISO9001 and CE certification,the quality can be guaranteed.
We use the best quality materials or imported materials.
We focus on the field of extrusion machine,and aim to be the best manufacturer of this field.
We can reply quickly for customers' demand and the delivery can be very fast.
We have our own factory and the technical production team,the workers are all very experienced.
2.How about the service?
Before sales
1. introduce products and application details
2. recommend suitable solutions
3. provide with reference information
4. arrange trial and testing running in our factory
During manufacturing
1. provide with layout and engineering conditions
2. inform the processing conditions
3. offer other documents
After Sales
1. provide with installation and training
2. offer spare parts
3. provide with necessary technical support
4. get feedback from customer in time and visit customer regularly
3.What's the payment?
L/C, T/T, Western Union, Paypal, Money Gram.

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